(Latin: a suffix; to act in a certain way; to treat in a certain way; to make into; to treat with; to do; to make; to cause)

These word entries are just a small listing of the many words that exist with the -ize endings; so, be aware that there are many more words with this suffix which exist in this lexicon.

Another closely related suffix family with the same meanings, but a different spelling, is located at this -ise unit.

publicize, publicise (British)
1. To make information about something generally available to the people.
2. To make public or to call attention to the public.
1. To reduce to dust or to powder.
2. To crush or grind something into a powder or dust, or to be crushed or ground into a powder or dust.
3. To demolish something completely; for example, the storm pulverized the farm.
4. To subject an opponent to a crushing defeat; our basketball team pulverized the visiting team.
rationalize (verb), rationalizes; rationalized; rationalizing
1. To describe something in a way that explains it and makes it seem proper and reasonable: Maggie was not able to rationalize why she bought such an expensive car.

Frank tried to rationalize his young son's strange behavior by blaming it on his older son.

2. Etymology: from Latin rationalis, "of or belonging to reason, reasonable" from ratio, "calculation, reason" + -ize, "to make, to become"."
To provide an explanation.
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To give a logical reason for doing something.
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realize, realizes, realized, realizing (verb forms)
1. To know, to understand, and to accept something.
2. To be aware or conscious of something, or to become aware of something.
3. To fulfill a specific vision, plan, desire, or possibility of something being achieved.
4. To translate something into a particular amount of money, usually by selling it.
5. To turn something such as a play or novel into a stage or film performance.
6. To make real or concrete by giving reality or substance to something.
recognize (REK uhg nighz") (verb), recognizes; recognized; recognizing
1. To identify a thing or person as a result of having seen or had some other experience of him, her, or it before: While they were shopping in the super market, Sherry turned to her husband and said: "Jim, look at that couple over there. Do you recognize them as our former neighbors who had moved away some years ago?"
2. To acknowledge someone's achievement; to show appreciation of, or give credit to, another's performance: The players hope people recognize their contributions to the success of this sports event.
3. To allow someone to speak at a meeting: The chairman recognized the representative who wanted to speak to the members of the meeting.
4. To accept formally the independent and legal status of a country or regime: The administration refused to recognize the new military government.
5. To give or award something to a person as a token of acknowledgment or gratitude: The council recognized the soldier's bravery with a medal.
6. Show in some way that someone is personally known: Shirley recognized old friends in the crowd with a smile and a wave.
7. To accept the validity or truth of something: Ivan recognized that he was at fault for the failure of the project.
remilitarize (verb), remilitarizes; remilitarized; remilitarizing
To prepare armed forces for a war.
1. To give fresh life, vigor, or vitality to someone or something.
2. To restore one's strength; such as, changing one's diet to more wholesome food.
revolutionize (verb), revolutionizes; revolutionized; revolutionizing
1. To cause something to be changed very much or completely: The invention of airplanes revolutionized the way people can travel.
2. Etymology: from Latin revolvere, "to turn, to roll back."
To change extensively or drastically.
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scrutinize (verb), scrutinizes; scrutinized; scrutinizing
To analyze and to study closely: Doug, the building inspector, scrutinized the foundation of the new building from the bottom to the top to make sure that all of the work was done properly and without any mistakes.
To closely examine.
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senilize (verb), senilizes; senilized; senilizing
To make or advance in time of life: We can be sure that entering the down slope of life is at least one of the things that will senilize us.