inter-, intero-

(Latin: between; among, mutually, together; on the inside, internal)

Although abstracted from the many compounds in which it entered English, the form inter- was not generally considered a living prefix in English until the 1400s.

During the later period of Middle English many words borrowed in the Old and Middle French forms entre-, enter- began to be consciously respelled with Latin inter-; although vestiges of the older French borrowings are found in entertain and enterprise.

The living prefix inter- is now freely added to almost any element in English to create such formations with the meaning of "between" and "among". The words formed by intra- are closely related to this inter- prefix; in fact, they both apparently came from the same Latin source.

—Based on information from Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology
Existing or carried on between brothers.
interfulgent (adjective), more interfulgent, most interfulgent
Pertaining to shining between, among, or through.
interfuse (verb), interfuses; interfused; interfusing
1. To mingle, blend, or fuse thoroughly, or to mix two or more things in this way.
2. To intersperse, intermingle, or to permeate with something.
3. To blend or to fuse, one with another.
4. To pour or to pass (something) between, into, or through; to infuse.
interfusion (s) (noun), interfusions (pl)
1. Causing something to permeate or to spread throughout, as a fluid between or among parts, tissues, etc.
2. To intermix or to combine.
interglacial, interglacials
1. A comparatively short period of warmth during an overall period of glaciation.
2. A period when a warmer climate separated two periods of glaciation and displayed a characteristic sequence of changes in vegetation.

The term is used especially for several such periods that occurred during the Pleistocene epoch, lasting from 1.8 million to 10,000 years ago.

3. A period of warm climate during the Pleistocene (and earlier glacial epochs) during which continental glaciers retreated to a minimum extent.

Interglacials have been of approximately 10,000 years duration, spaced at approximately 100,000-year intervals over the last 1,000,000 years. The last 10,000 years, or postglacial period, is generally considered to be interglacial.

intergluteal (adjective), more intergluteal, most intergluteal
Between the buttocks which is the prominence formed by the gluteal muscles on either side: One of the several disorders of the intergluteal region is the deep gluteal syndrom.
interim (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to a tentative situation or assignment that lasts only for a short time: An interim government was appointed until new elections could be held.
Something that is not lasting for very long.
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interim (s) (noun), interims (pl)
A temporary period between other activities or events: Elizabeth noticed that the business meeting wasn't until noon, so in the interim she wanted to make some phone calls.
A period between other events.
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interjacent (adjective), more interjacent, most interjacent
1. Characteristic of being or situated between or among other items: The books in the library are arranged by interjacent positions on the shelves.
2. Etymology: from Latin interjacens, interjacentis, "lying between"; from interjacere; from inter-, "between" + jacere, "to lie".

Related "together" units: com-; greg-; struct-.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "internal organs, entrails, inside": ent-; enter-; fistul-; incret-; intra-; splanchn-; viscer-.