inter-, intero-

(Latin: between; among, mutually, together; on the inside, internal)

Although abstracted from the many compounds in which it entered English, the form inter- was not generally considered a living prefix in English until the 1400s.

During the later period of Middle English many words borrowed in the Old and Middle French forms entre-, enter- began to be consciously respelled with Latin inter-; although vestiges of the older French borrowings are found in entertain and enterprise.

The living prefix inter- is now freely added to almost any element in English to create such formations with the meaning of "between" and "among". The words formed by intra- are closely related to this inter- prefix; in fact, they both apparently came from the same Latin source.

—Based on information from Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology
internaut noun), internauts (pl)
Someone who explores the internet (or "cyberspace"), and who is normally searching for information: An internaut is an "internet sailor" or a "sailor on the internet".
internecine (adjective), more internecine, most internecine
1. Descriptive of denouncements which damage or injure participants on both sides of a conflict or contention: The presidential candidates have been hurling internecine accusations at each other.
2. Characterized by bloodshed or carnage: In Syria, there has been a brutal internecine war going on that has harmed millions of people.
3. Concerning a dispute that can tear an organization apart: The political party has been suffering because of bitter internecine disagreements.
4. Etymology: "deadly, destructive," from Latin internecinus, "very deadly, murderous, destructive"; from internecare, "to kill or to destroy"; from inter-, "among, between" + necare, "to kill".

The original meaning of internecine is "attended by great slaughter".

Relating to mutual killing or slaughter via warfare.
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internet fraud (s), internet frauds (pl); web fraud (s), web frauds (pl) (noun forms)
A general reference to any type of fraud scheme that uses one or more online services; such as, e-mail, chat rooms, message boards, or web sites, to present fraudulent solicitations, or scams, to prospective victims.

Used to conduct fraudulent transactions, or to transmit the proceeds of a fraud to financial institutions, or to others connected with the scam.

Internet Service Provider (ISP): Website Services
A provider of worldwide internet access for web sites.
1. The part of a plant stem between two nodes.
2. A section or part between two nodes; such as, a nerve or stem.
1. Located or occurring between nuclei.
2. Pertaining to or affecting structures between nuclei, as internuclear ophthalmoplegia.
3. Between the nuclear layers of the retina.
1. Being, or situated, between the eyes.
2. Between, or within, the eyes; such as, the interocular distance.
3. Situated between the eyes; such as, the antennae of some insects.
A reference to the distance between the eyes.
The distance between the eyes.
1. Situated or extending between the orbits of the eyes.
2. Between the orbits; such as, the interorbital septum (a dividing wall or partition, a general term for such a structure).
interosculant (adjective), more interosculant, most interosculant
1. Mutually touching or intersecting; as, interosculant circles.
2. Uniting two groups; said of certain genera which connect family groups, or of species that connect genera.
interosculate (verb), interosculates; interosculated; interosculating
1. To kiss together, to touch.
2. To have the character of, or to lie between, two distinct groups.
3. To form a connecting link, as between objects, genera, etc.
4. Etymology: from Latin osculat-, "kissed"; from the verb osculari, from osculum, "little mouth" or "kiss".

Related "together" units: com-; greg-; struct-.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "internal organs, entrails, inside": ent-; enter-; fistul-; incret-; intra-; splanchn-; viscer-.