inter-, intero-

(Latin: between; among, mutually, together; on the inside, internal)

Although abstracted from the many compounds in which it entered English, the form inter- was not generally considered a living prefix in English until the 1400s.

During the later period of Middle English many words borrowed in the Old and Middle French forms entre-, enter- began to be consciously respelled with Latin inter-; although vestiges of the older French borrowings are found in entertain and enterprise.

The living prefix inter- is now freely added to almost any element in English to create such formations with the meaning of "between" and "among". The words formed by intra- are closely related to this inter- prefix; in fact, they both apparently came from the same Latin source.

—Based on information from Barnhart Dictionary of Etymology
Between the eyelids.
1. Between the parietal bones or cartilages.
2. Situated between the walls of organs.
interpellate (verb), interpellates; interpellated; interpellating
To question formally: It became necessary to interpellate the mayor regarding the charges of corruption.
interpellate, interpolate
interpellate (in TUR pel" ayt, in tuhr" puh LAYT) (verb)
To question formally: It became necessary to interpellate the mayor regarding the charges of corruption.
interpolate (in TUR puh layt") (verb)
To insert or to place someone or something between two or more things or people: Edmond likes to interpolate clever quotations from various writers into his speeches.

The news reporter was allowed to interpellate the politician during an interview. When Lenora prepared her report, she attempted to interpolate direct quotations with the facts gleaned during her interview.

interpellation (s) (noun). interpellations (pl)
1. In politics, the formal calling of a government official to explain some policy or act: An interpellation is a parliamentary procedure which is followed by an assembly.
2. The case of interjecting or interposing a remark that causes a break in continuation: When Viola was talking about her car accident, an interpellation was created by a remark made by her friend which interrupted the flow of Viola's experience.
Situated between two successive phalanges (joints) of a finger or toe; denoting the finger or toe joints.
interphalangeal joint
Any of the joints between the phalanges of the fingers or toes.
A telephone system (as in an airplane, tank, ship, or office building) for intercommunication between points within a small area.
Situated between the planets. Also, existing between planets or pertaining to travel between planets.
interplanetary scintillation
The Sun emits blobs of plasma (known as the solar wind). Depending on the geometry, rays through different blobs can be focused to a single point. A sort of "twinkling" known as interplanetary scintillation can therefore be observed.
interpolate (verb), interpolates; interpolated; interpolating
To insert words into texts; often altering and falsifying it: Someone apparently interpolated the text of the police report about the automobile crash.
To corrupt a text by altering it with new or unacceptable material.
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interpose (verb), interposes; interposed; interposing
1. To interrupt either verbally or by placing something or oneself between other people or objects: The teacher, Mrs. Dawson, interposed herself between the two boys who were fighting.
2. To say something as an interruption: Becky is always interposing herself into the conversations of other people.

During the TV debate, one of the other participants suggested that he would like to interpose a personal comment.

To intrude or to come between.
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interposition (s) (noun), interpositions (pl)
The fact of or act of interrupting or pushing oneself into a situation: David's frequent interpositions into our conversations became very irritating.

Gerald was prevented from taking his life by the interposition of his wife.

Related "together" units: com-; greg-; struct-.

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "internal organs, entrails, inside": ent-; enter-; fistul-; incret-; intra-; splanchn-; viscer-.