Word Unit: rhem- + (Greek: a thing said; a word; a term)
Word Unit: rheo-, rhea-, rhe-, rhy- (Greek: a flow, wave; current of a stream, current; electrical current)
Word Unit: rhetor- (Greek: rhetorike tekhne, "the technique or art of public speaking" > Latin: orator; that which is spoken)
Word Unit: rheum-, rheuma-, rheumato-, rheumat- (Greek: flux, that which flows; a stream; discharge)
Word Unit: rhigo-, rhig- (Greek: cold, frost; shiver)

Cross references of word families that are related directly or indirectly to "winter, freezing, frost, and/or cold": algid- (cold, chilly); cheimo-, chimo- (winter, cold); crymo-, krymo- (cold, chill, frost); cryo-, kryo-; (cold, freezing); frigo-, frig- (cold, frost); gel-, gelati- (freeze, frost, congeal); hiber- (winter, wintry); pago- (cold, freezing); psychro- (cold).

Word Unit: rhizo-, rhiz- (Greek: root)
Word Unit: rho; Ρ, ρ + (Greek: the seventeenth letter of the Greek alphabet; Ρ, ρ)
Word Unit: rhodo-, rhod- (Greek: the color rose [red]; roselike, rose-colored)
Word Unit: rhomb-, rhombo-, rhombi- (Greek: that which may be turned or spun around; magician's circle; equilateral parallelogram in which only the opposite angles are equal)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving word units dealing with "equal, identical, same, similar": auto-; emul-; equ-, equi-; homeo-; homo-; iso-; pari-; peer; syn-; tauto-.

Word Unit: rhoncho-, rhonch- (Greek: a snoring; to snore; from beak, snout)
Word Unit: rhyncho-, rhynch-, -rhyncha, -rhynchous (Greek: snout, beak)
Word Unit: rhyp-, rhypo-; rup-, rupo- + (Greek: filth; dirt)

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "land, ground, fields, soil, dirt, mud, clay, earth (world)": agra-; agrest-; agri-; agro-; argill-; choro-; chthon-; epeiro-; geo-; glob-; lut-; myso-; pedo-; pel-; soil-; sord-; terr-.

Word Unit: rhythm-, rhythmo- + (Greek: regularly recurring motion; measured motion)
Word Unit: rhytid-, rhytido-, rhitid-, rhitido-, rhyti-, rhiti- + (Greek: wrinkle, wrinkling; folding)

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "wrinkle, wrinkled; fold": pharc-; rugo-.

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving the "skin": callus-; chorio-; cicatri- (scar); cori-; cuti-; hymen-; lepido- (scab, scale); papulo- (pimple); psoro- (itch, mange); pustu- (blister, pimple); scabio- (mange, itchy); sebo- (grease, oil).

Word Unit: rich, riches (Latin: possibly from regius, kingly, royal > powerful, mighty > wealthy, opulent; then > rich)
Word Unit: rid-, ridi-, risi- (Latin: to laugh, laugh at; capable of exciting laughter; laughing)
Word Unit: rigi-, rig- (Latin: stiff, hard, numb; to be frozen, to grow stiff with cold, to be chilled)
Word Unit: rim- (Latin: crack, chink)
Word Unit: ripari-, ripa-, rip-, riv- (Latin: ripa, river, stream; bank, river bank, shore)

Cross references of word families that are related directly, or indirectly, to: "river, stream": amni-; fluvio-; meand-; oceano-; potamo-.