Word Unit: habit-, hab-, -hibit; habili-, habil- (Latin: to dwell, to live; have, hold; that which may be easily handled, is suitable, fit properly; clothing)
Word Unit: Habitats for the Living (from the depths of the ocean floors to the highest mountains, from dry deserts to grasslands, and the warm and wet tropical areas; all provide each form of life its preferred habitat)
Word Unit: Hack, Hacking, Hacked, Hacker, Hackers (secretly getting access to files on a computer or network in order to get information, to steal private information in order to illegally transfer money, or to cause damage, etc.)
Word Unit: hades (Greek: the lower world [originally, invisible, to make invisible])
Word Unit: hagio-, hagi- (Greek: sacred, holy; religious)

Related "holy, sacred" word families: hiero-; icono-; sacro-; sanct-.

Word Unit: Hair and Beard Styles from the 14th century to the 7th century B.C. (Samples of ancient beard and male and female hair styles)

Links to other hair-related units: alopec-; barba-; Beards; capillaro-; chaeto-; cirro-; coife; crino-; hirsute; pilo-; pogo-; tricho-; villi-.

Word Unit: hal-, hali-, -haled, -haling, -halant, -halent, -halation + (Latin: breathe, breath; from halitus, "breath" and related to halare, "to breathe")

Word units related to breath and breathe: pneo-; pneumato-; pneumo-; psych-; spiro.

Word Unit: halio-, hali-, halo-, hal- (Greek > Latin: salt or "the sea")

Related "salt" unit: sal-.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "sea" and the "ocean" bodies of water: abysso- (bottomless); Atlantic; batho-, bathy- (depth); bentho- (deep, depth); mare, mari- (sea); necto-, nekto- (swimming); oceano-; pelago- (sea, ocean); plankto- (drifting); thalasso- (sea, ocean).

Word Unit: hallu- (Latin: great or big toe, the first digit of the foot)

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving the "toes" and "fingers": dactylo-; digit-; phalang-.

Word Unit: hallucina-, hallucino-, hallucinat- (Greek > Latin: to wander in mind, to dream)

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "mind, mental" word units: anima-; anxi-; deliri-; menti-; moro-; noo-; nous; phreno-; psych-; thymo-2.

Word Unit: hamarto-, hamart- (Greek: something that is wrong; sin, evil behavior; wickedness in living; misconduct; that part of theology that deals with sin or immoral deeds)

Related "sin, sinful" word unit: pecca-.

Word Unit: Hands as Objects of Art (an exhibit of artistically enhanced hands showing creative marvels)
Word Unit: Hands: Mechanical Marvels (a personal presentation by a pair of hands)
Word Unit: hap- (Middle English: chance, luck)
Word Unit: haplo-, hapl- (Greek: simple, simply; single, one, once)
Word Unit: hapt-, hapto-, -hapte + (Greek: touch, touching, fasten, contact, seizure; binding, attaching)
Word Unit: harmon- + (Greek > Latin: a fitting together, joining, proportion, concord, agreement, musical harmony)
Word Unit: harpago-, harpag-; harpacto-, harpact-; harpaxo-, harpax- (Latin: seize, snatch, plunder; grappling hook, drag; seizure, robbery, rapine, booty; ravish)
Word Unit: haust- (Latin: to draw out, to drink; to draw water, to swallow)

Related "drink" units: bib-; dipso-; nectar-; poto-.

Word Unit: Health: Air Purification (air purification in the home, business, school, and workplace)