Word Unit: german-, germano- + (Latin: pertaining to the Teutonic people of central Europe [possibly from a Celtic word meaning "neighbor"], similar to Old Irish gair, "neighbor"; pertaining to Germany)
Word Unit: gero-, geri-, ger-, geronto-, geront- (Greek: old age, old man, old people; elder, elderly; senior citizen)

Related "old; old age, elder" units: obsolesc-; presbyo-; sen-; veter-.

Word Unit: gibb-, gibbo-, gibboso- (Latin: hump, humpbacked)
Word Unit: giga- [GIG uh or JIG uh] , gig- (Greek: "giant"; a decimal prefix used in the international metric system for measurements)

Related "metric" families: yotta; zetta; exa; peta; tera; mega; kilo; hecto; deka; deci; centi; milli; micro; nano; pico; femto; atto; zepto; yocto.

Word Unit: giganto-, gigant- (Greek: giant; giantlike; very large, big, huge)
Word Unit: gingivo-, gingiv- (Latin: the gums of the mouth)
Word Unit: glabr-, glab-, glabi- (Latin: smooth, hairless)
Word Unit: glaci- (Latin: ice)

Other related "ice" units: crystallo; grando-.

Word Unit: gladi- (Latin: sword)
Word Unit: gland-, glans- (Latin: acorn; in medicine, gland, glans)
Word Unit: glauc-, glauco- + (Greek > Latin: a silvery color, or bluish green; gleaming, bright; gray)
Word Unit: glean- (Latin: to make a collection; to gather what is left after the reapers)
Word Unit: glio-, gli-, glia-, -glia + (Greek: glue; in medicine, the network of supporting tissue and fibers that nourishes nerve cells within the brain and spinal cord)

A cross reference of word units that are related, directly or indirectly, to "cell, cells, cell nucleus": celli-; cellulo-; cyto-; endothelio-; gameto-; kary-, karyo-; neuro-.

Word Unit: glob-, glom- (Latin: a round body, a ball; round, a sphere; the earth; "sphere" came from Latin globus, "round mass, sphere"; related to gleba, "clod, soil, land". Sense of "planet earth," or a three-dimensional map of it, appeared first in 1553)

Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "land, ground, fields, soil, dirt, mud, clay, earth (world)": agra-; agrest-; agri-; agro-; argill-; choro-; chthon-; epeiro-; geo-; lut-; myso-; pedo-; pel-; rhyp-; soil-; sord-; terr-.

Related ball, sphere-word units: hemoglobin-; sphero-.

Word Unit: Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS) and Indian Agreement (Russian equivalent of U.S. GPS)
Word Unit: Global Positioning System (GPS, Civilian and Military Users)
Word Unit: Global Positioning System (GPS), Defined (GPS Defined and Indications of Improvements in Accuracy)