Word Unit: di-, dicho-, dich- (Greek: number two; twice, divided, double; unalike; a number used as a prefix)
Word Unit: dia-, di- (Greek: through, thoroughly; across; entirely, utterly)
Word Unit: diabolo-, diabol- (Greek: devil, demon [literally, "to throw across;" then, "to attack, to slander"])
Word Unit: dic-, dict- (Latin: talk, speak, say, tell, declare; to proclaim)
Cross references of word families related directly, or indirectly, to: "talk, speak, speech; words, language; tongue, etc.": cit-; clam-; fa-; -farious; glosso-; glotto-; lalo-; linguo-; locu-; logo-; loqu-; mythico-; -ology; ora-; -phasia; -phemia; phon-; phras-; Quotes: Language,Part 1; Quotes: Language, Part 2; Quotes: Language, Part 3; serm-; tongue; voc-.

Word Unit: Dictionaries and Lexicons, Part One (historical and modern)
Word Unit: Dictionaries and Lexicons, Part Two (priority books for a better education)
Word Unit: Dictionary with a Touch of Humor (enjoying words with special points of view, sometimes humorous, and which are not found in a "regular" dictionary)
Word Unit: dictyo- (Greek: net, netlike)
Word Unit: didact- (Greek: didaktikos, skilled at teaching, teach; teacher)
Word Unit: didym- (Greek: twin; testicle)
Word Unit: dies, di-, die-, -diem, diurn- (Latin: day)

Another related "day" unit is located at hemer-.

Word Unit: digit-, digiti- (Latin: finger, toe; from Greek daktylos)

Cross references directly, or indirectly, involving the "toes" and "fingers": dactylo-; hallu-; phalang-.

Word Unit: dign-, dain- (Latin: worthy of respect and esteem; a positive regard and honor for)
Word Unit: diko-, dik-, dico-, dic- + (Greek: a judge; right, order, law, manner; justice)
Word Unit: dino-, din- (Greek: fearful, frightful; terrible, powerful)
Word Unit: diphther- (Greek > Latin > French: leather, prepared hide, membrane)
Word Unit: diplo-, dipl- (Greek: double; two-fold)
Word Unit: dipso-, -dipsia, -dipsy, -dipsias + (Greek: thirst, thirsty [toward "drink"])

Related "drink" units: bib-; haust-; nectar-; poto-.

Word Unit: dire- (Latin: fearful, awful, boding ill, ill-omened, horrible, terrible)
Word Unit: dis-, di-, dif- (Latin: separation, apart, asunder; removal, away, from; negation, deprivation, undoing, reversal, utterly, completely; in different directions)