(Greek: many, much; excessive; abnormal amount, profuse, ample, large quantity; multiple, abundant, numerous)

Don’t confuse this poly- with another -poly which means “to sell”.

1. A machine generating more than one pressure wave; a multiphaser.
2. Consisting of, or occurring, in a number of separate stages.

With reference to an electrical device, or circuit, a polyphaser is designed to supply or to use simultaneously several alternating currents of the same voltage and frequency but with different phases.

1. Having more than two phases.
2. Habitually doing more than one thing at a time: "She has a polyphasic personality."
1. Having more than two phases.
2. Habitually doing more than one thing at a time: "He has a polyphasic life style."
3. Having multiple successive peaks of activity.
polyphasic sleep
A term coined by early 20th century psychologist J.S. Szymanski, which refers to the practice of sleeping multiple times in a 24-hour period; usually, more than two, in contrast to "biphasic sleep".
1. A reference to the production of severe phases, as an alternating electrical current.
2. Characterized by having some quick bursts.
In Greek mythology, the Cyclops who confined Odysseus and his companions in a cave until Odysseus blinded him and escaped.
polyphloisboian, polyphloesbean, polyphloisic
Making an incredible racket; anything that makes a terrible noise.
polyphobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An excessive fear of many different things: It was quite strenuous getting along with Sally because she disliked or hated a number of activities that the others were excited about, like swimming, hiking, and going to the movies, and so they thought that she had polyphobia.
1. A large kind of musical box, driven by clockwork or by hand, and capable of playing any tune when the corresponding perforated disk is inserted.
2. A written character having more than one phonetic value; a letter or other symbol which stands for different sounds.
Composed or arranged for several voices or parts, each having a melody of its own; consisting of a number of melodies combined; contrapuntal; of or pertaining to polyphonic music.
1. Having or making many sounds.
2. In phonetics, representing more than one sound, as the letter c (cf. cat and cereal)
1. The simultaneous combination of a number of parts, each forming an individual melody, and harmonizing with each other; the style of composition in which the parts are so combined; polyphonic composition; counterpoint.
2. The symbolization of different vocal sounds by the same letter or character; the fact or quality of being polyphonic.
3. In music, the combination of two or more independent melodies in harmony.
Excessive talking; logorrhea.
The separate and distinct origin of a species of plants or animals from more than one line of descent.

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