(Greek: many, much; excessive; abnormal amount, profuse, ample, large quantity; multiple, abundant, numerous)

Don’t confuse this poly- with another -poly which means “to sell”.

To surgically remove a polyp or a growth, usually benign, protruding from a mucous membrane.
Any creature that has many feet; many footed.
Literally, having many petals; but commonly used for having the petals distinct or separate, not coherent or united.
1. Excessive eating; gluttony; bulimia.
2. The habit on the part of certain animals of feeding on many different types of food.
Anyone who has an excessive appetite or who eats too much.
1. Eating many kinds of food or consuming a great variety of foods.
2. Excessive, compulsive, or a continuous desire to eat.
1. Side-by-side duplication of one or more of the phalanges of a digit.
2. The condition of having more digital phalanges than normal; especially, in cases where polydactyly is absent.
3. The presence of more phalanges in a finger or a toe than is normal.
1. A medicinal preparation containing several drugs.
2. Of or pertaining to polypharmacy.
1. Prescription of many drugs at the same time.
2. An instance of excessive medication.
3. The use of many drugs or medicines in the treatment of disease; frequently, with the suggestion of indiscriminate, unscientific, or excessive prescription.
An herb or substance which when combined with other herbs in a formula or mixture tends to increase the synergistic interaction of the other ingredients.
1. Having more than one phase or multiple phases.
2. Of or pertaining to a set of alternating currents that have the same frequency but different phases and that enter a specified region at more than two points.
polyphase structure (s), polyphase structures (pl) (noun forms)
The structure of a material consisting of several phases (particular stages or aspects).

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