phago-, phag-, -phage, -phagi, -phagic, -phagically, -phagia, -phagism, -phagist, -phagic, -phagous, -phagy

(Greek: eat, eating; to consume, to ingest; relationship to eating or consumption by ingestion or engulfing)

scatophagous, scatophagy
1. To eat fecal matter or dung; as done by dung beetles or their larvae, other insects, etc.
2. The eating of filth or excrement by some people who are suffering from insanity or mental illness.
scolecophagia, scolecophagous, scolecophagy
1. The eating of worms.
2. Feeding on worms.
3. Being eaten by worms.
scolecophagous, scolecophagy
Eating worms.
sialoaerophagia, sialoaerophagy (s) (noun) (no pl)
The excessive or frequent swallowing of saliva and air which are taken into the stomach: Jack had the habit of ingesting quantities of saliva along with air which his doctor diagnosed as a case of sialoaerophagy.
The excessive swallowing of saliva.
siderophage, siderophagia
A macrophage laden with phagocytosed iron-containing particles.
Another spelling for scatophagy.
sphagnicole (verb), sphagnicoles; sphagnicoled; sphagnicoling: moss
Living in peat-moss.
Thriving on peat moss, or in peat moss-rich habitats.
In biology, dwelling on or among sphagnum (a kind of moss).
Destroying the waste matters in the body; said of scavenger cells.
stenophagous, stenophagy, stenophage
1. Utilizing only a limited variety of foods or food species.
2. Eating only a narrow range of food.
3. An antonym of euryphagous.
sycophagous (adjective), more sycophagous , most sycophagous
Relating to the consumption or eating of figs: "The merchant at the fruit market who specialized in the sale of figs often remarked to Martha and Jason they were his most sycophagous customers."
tachyphagia, tachyphagy
1. Rapid or hasty eating; seen in some forms of regressed schizophrenia.
2. Food-grabbing; extreme rapidity of eating. It is commonly seen in regressed, deteriorated schizophrenics, and often such patients will grab any object, edible or not, put it into the mouth, and swallow it.
Extremely or excessively fast eating; the bolting or gobbling down of food.

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