phago-, phag-, -phage, -phagi, -phagic, -phagically, -phagia, -phagism, -phagist, -phagic, -phagous, -phagy

(Greek: eat, eating; to consume, to ingest; relationship to eating or consumption by ingestion or engulfing)

osteophagous, ostephagia, osteophage, osteophagy
Eating bones, which is a perverted appetite seen in cattle suffering from mineral (phosphorus or calcium) deficiency.
Someone, or something, which eats oysters.
ostreophagous, ostrephagous, ostreophagy
The consumption or eating of oysters.
pagophagia (s) (noun), pagophagias (pl)
A form of pica characterized by the compulsive eating of large quantities of ice: A pagophagia may be associated with iron-deficiency anemia.
pagophagia, pagophagous, pagophagy
The ingestion of extraordinary quantities of ice [frost], often related to a lack of iron in the blood.
pantophagist (s) (noun), pantophagists (pl)
Someone or those who eat just about everything.
Surrounding the esophagus.
phagedena, phagedaena (British)
A rapidly spreading ulceration.
Relating to phagedena.
The destructive or solvent action of phage [bacteriophage].
1. Any cell capable of ingesting particulate matter.
2. A cell that ingests foreign particles; such as, microorganisms, by phagocytosis.
A reference to phagocytes or to their functions.
To be ingested and usually destroyed by phagocytosis.
The engulfing and ingesting of foreign particles or waste matter by phagocytes.

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