medio-, medi-

(Latin: middle)

Situated on the midline of a posterior (back) surface.
postmeridian, postmeridiem (P.M.) (noun) (not comparable)
1. Pertaining to something that occurs after noon or midday; of or referring to the afternoon.
2. After midday; applied to the hours between noon and midnight; usually, abbreviated pm or p.m.
Via media.
The middle way.

The moderate course of action between two extremes.

The name is given, in particular, to the High Anglican doctrine of the Caroline divines, revived by the Tractarians (1833-43), and thought to be at once the middle and true course between pure Protestantism and "the errors of Rome" (The Roman Cathkolic Church).

A unit of medium, media words. The etymologicl development of media and medium.