medio-, medi-

(Latin: middle)

medifixed (adjective) (not comparable)
A reference to an anther or other plant part which is attached by or at the middle.
medifrontal, mediofrontal, midfrontal
1. Of or relating to the middle of the frontal bone or forehead.
2. Both median and frontal; a reference to the middle of the forehead.
1. Pertaining to the center of the carpus or the middle part of the carpal bone.
2. Between the proximal and distal rows of the carpal bones.
medioccipital, midoccipital (adjective)
A reference to the central portion or point of the occiput (the back part of the skull).
Being of middle quality; indifferent; ordinary.
Someone who governs in mediocracy.
1. Of middling quality; neither bad nor good, average; so, contextually, indifferent, of poor quality, second-rate.
2. Used chiefly of literary or artistic works, ability, or knowledge, and hence of people considered with regard to their average mental power or skill.
3. Etymology: in general, borrowed from Middle French mediocre, learned borrowing from Latin mediocris of "middle height, in a middle state" or by extension, "moderate quality"; originally, "halfway up a mountain" (medius, "middle" + ocris, "jagged mountain" or "rough stony mountain").
A person of mediocre talents or ability; sometimes a person who takes a middle course.
1. The action or process of rendering mediocre; reduction to a common level of mediocrity.
2. The action or process of making mediocre; reduction (of both good and bad things) to a common level of mediocrity.
To render mediocre.
1. Moderate to inferior in quality; ordinary.
2. The quality or condition of being mediocre; specifically, a moderate or average degree of mental ability, talents, skill, etc.; average capacity, endowment, or accomplishment. Also: that which is mediocre. Now chiefly with disparaging implications, the opposite of excellence or superiority.
3. More generally: the quality or condition of being intermediate between two extremes; an intermediate state or condition. Formerly also: a quality, position, etc., equally removed from two opposite extremes; a mean.
4. A middle course of action; measured conduct or behavior; moderation, temperance.
5. The possession of attributes in a medium or moderate degree; a moderate degree or rate, average quality or amount; a moderate condition.
1. Concerning the middle and side of a structure.
2. A reference to the median plane and one side.
Necrosis of the tunica media of a blood vessel or the middle of an artery, usually the aorta.

The tunica media is the middle layer in the wall of a blood vessel which is composed of circular or spiraling smooth muscle and some elastic fibers.

A reference to the middle of the palate.
medioplantar (s) (noun), medioplantars (pl)
Referring to the middle of the soles of the feet: Dr. Smith had to treat Sally's medioplantars because she accidentally ran bare-footed onto pieces of broken glass that was in her backyard while she was playing with her dog.

A unit of medium, media words. The etymologicl development of media and medium.