medio-, medi-

(Latin: middle)

1. Situated in a middle or intermediate position; middle; intermediate.
2. Of a letter, sound, etc.; occurring in the middle of a word.
3. In anatomy and zoology, situated in or relating to the median plane of the body or the midline of an organ; situated towards or nearer to the median plane.
4. A letter and occasionally, a syllable occurring in the middle of a word, not at the beginning or end.

Also, a distinctive written or printed form of a letter used in such a position, e.g. in the Arabic and Syriac scripts.

1. The moon at the quarters, when half its disk appears illuminated.
2. The shape of a half-moon; a crescent.
3. An outwork composed of two faces, forming a salient angle whose gorge resembles a half-moon; now called, a ravelin.
1. In statistics, a quantity, term, or value that is the midpoint of a set of values; such that the variable has an equal probability of falling above or below it.
2. The middle term of a discrete series arranged in order of magnitude; or, if there is no middle term, the mean of the middle two terms.
3. Situated in a middle or intermediate position; middle; intermediate; neutral.
4. In anatomy, zoology, and botany; in the middle of a body, part, or organ; central, between others; specifically, designating structures in the middle of the anterior aspect of the human forearm.
5. Situated in or directed towards the median plane of a body, organ, or limb.
6. In surgery, designating a surgical incision or procedure made through the midline of the body or over or through the midline of a tumor, organ, etc.
1. Intervening; mediating.
2. In music, relating to or having as a root the mediant of a scale.
3. Again, in music, relating to or designating the mediation of a chant
mediate (verb), mediates; mediated; mediating
1. To bring about or to obtain an agreement, treaty, etc.: Mildred's lawyer tried to mediate a disagreement between the car company and her purchase of a new car that was not functioning as it should.
2. To moderate, to mitigate; to lessen, or to reduce the degree of negative conditions: To mediate a dispute is to try to find a middle ground or compromise on which both sides may agree.
mediate auscultation (s) (noun), mediate auscultations (pl)
The act of listening performed by the aid of an instrument (stethoscope) interposed between the ear and the body part being examined: The midwife wanted to know if the heartbeats of the fetus were all right, so she decided to use the method of mediate auscultation and wanted a stethoscope for it.
mediator (s) (noun), mediators (pl)
1. A person who intervenes between two parties; especially, for the purpose of effecting reconciliation; an intercessor: A mediator suggests compromises, acts as a go-between, and tries to get both sides to come to a mutual agreement.
2. In physiology and chemistry, an enzyme, hormone, or other chemical substance which acts as an intermediate or carrier in, or otherwise influences, a chemical, physiological, or pathological process: An endogenous mediator refers to proteins that enhance and trigger the tasks of other proteins.
Someone who strives to get those who disagree to have friendly relations.
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1. A female mediator.
2. Often applied to the Virgin Mary, believed in many Christian denominations (especially, the Roman Catholic Church) to intercede with God on behalf of mankind.
medieval, mediaeval (adjective); more medieval, most medieval; more mediaeval, most mediaeval
1. Of or relating to a period of time intervening between (periods designated as) ancient and modern: In Marburg, Germany, there is a medieval castle that is worthwhile visiting!

In history, the medieval times were in the Middle Ages. There were medieval scholars, art, and religion at the time of te Middle Ages.
2. Descriptive of something as if it belonged to the Middle Ages; old-fashioned; obsolete: Sharon's parents certainly had a medieval attitude towards her dating a boy because they always wanted to go along with them!


A unit of medium, media words. The etymologicl development of media and medium.