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adipose (adjective), more adipose, most adipose
1. Denoting fat or containing animal fat: The adipose tissues consist of fat in the bodies of animals, including humans.
2. A reference to a fatty nature: There are some people who have adipose bodies known as obesity.

The adipose tissue, just below the skin and surrounding major organs, provides an energy reserve and insulation and protection for the body.

3. Etymology: from modern Latin adiposus, "fatty"; from adeps, adip, "fat".
Pertaining to fat or fatty.
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A fatty condition.
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(Latin: fat, adipose tissue; and by extension, caul, intestines)
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Relating to fat or fatness, fatty; obesity. (2)
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adipose tissue (s) (noun), adipose tissues (pl)
A connective tissue having an abundance of fat-storing cells and blood vessels for transporting fats: The adipose tissue is a connective tissue that serves as an energy reserve and also pads some organs.

Adipose tissue is normally called "fat tissue" and consists of large spherical cells filled with fat. Major layers are in the inner layer of the skin and around the kidneys and heart.

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