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acoustics (s) (noun) (no pl))
1. The science of sound and the phenomena of hearing: Elaine's doctor undertook specialized studies in acoustics in order to work more efficiently with elderly patients who were having hearing difficulties.
2. In physics, the study of sounds, including their productions, transmissions, and general effects: The laboratory for acoustics at the university was outfitted with the latest technology and equipment for analyzing audible and inaudible vibrations.

Acoustics often determines how well sounds can be heard in the structural features of a room, a hall, an auditorium, etc.

3. In architecture:
  • The sum of the qualities, as absence of echo or reverberation, that determine the value of a room or auditorium with respect to distinct hearing: The famous symphony conductor tested the acoustics of the newly build performance hall and announced that the sound was very good.
  • The science of planning and building an enclosure so that sound will be perfectly transmitted to the people who are in it: The newly hired engineer for the architecture firm had her engineering degree in acoustics and seemed the ideal candidate to work on the new performance hall.
4. The part of psychology dealing with hearing: Because his hearing was distorted after his emotional anxiety and inner turmoil, Jason was referred to a psychologist who specialized in medical acoustics.
The transmission of sounds in a room.
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(the study and applications of sound)
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atmospheric acoustics (s) (noun) (no pl)
The propagation of sound through the layer of gases surrounding the Earth's surface affects sound in predictable ways depending on conditions, such as temperature and precipitation: When setting up for the outdoor concert, the sound engineers had to take atmospheric acoustics into consideration, including factors such as moisture in the air, placement of speakers on the ground, etc.
engineering acoustics (s) (noun) (no pl)
The field of science that deals with the production, detection, and control of sound by electrical devices: The area of engineering acoustics includes the study, design, and construction of such instruments as microphones, loudspeakers, sound recorders and reproducers, and public address systems."
stato-acoustics (s) (noun) (no pl)
A reference to the senses or faculties of both equilibration (equilibrium, or being evenly balanced) and hearing: The acoustician who fitted Esther with her new hearing aide was careful to ensure a well-balanced condition of stato-acoustics.
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The science dealing with sound.
The study and applications of sound unit.
The science of the clarity of sounds and the phenomena of hearing in a room or building. (1)