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indeterminable, indeterminate
indeterminable (in" di TUR muh nuh buhl) (adjective)
Concerning something which is not able to be settled or decided on in a definite manner: The indeterminable date for completing the project is still obviously unknown.
indeterminate (in" di TUR muh nit) (adjective)
Inconclusive; referring to something which cannot be determined by a specific answer: The outcome of the chemistry experiment was indeterminate and puzzling.

The indeterminate response which the student received to his questions to the editor of the journal will create an indeterminable delay in the completion of his essay.

indeterminate (adjective), more indeterminate, most indeterminate
Referring to a situation or event that is lacking in precision or is indefinite because of being very difficult to establish a clear result or resolution: The president of the university, Mrs. Hendricks, felt that she was in an indeterminate situation because the students were upset and many of the faculty members were not supporting her decisions.
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