term-, termin-

(Latin: end, last, final, boundary)

conterminous (adjective) (not comparable)
Descriptive of a parcel of land that shares an unbroken border with another piece of land: Jed, the farmer, wanted to purchase two conterminous lots of pasture land next to the river.
conterminously (adverb), more conterminously, most conterminously
Being near by or sharing mutual boundaries: The rocky shore of the lake blended conterminously with the rocky area of the forest.
determinable (adjective), more determinable, most determinable
1. Pertaining to something that can be exactly defined, described, measured, etc.: The velocity of the wind is a determinable factor which is important for airline pilots to recognize.
2. A reference to the ability to firmly decide or to definitely ascertain something: A readily determinable market value was provided by Mr. Stevens, the economist.
determinableness (s) (noun) (no plural form)
A fixed definition or description of a component: Herald calculated the determinableness of the depth of the water in the container within a centimeter.
determinably (adverb), more determinably, most determinably
Pertaining to how something is fixable, definable, or quantifiable: The determinably better quality of the compound used for repairing the sidewalk was clearly verified when it was completed.
determinant (s) (noun), determinants (pl)
A causal factor which decisively affects the nature or outcome of an issue: The determinant in planning Sara's summer holidays was the weather because she wanted to go hiking.

Aaron's force of will was the main determinant of his educational success.

determinant (adjective), more determinant, most determinant
A reference to being decisive, influential, or defining: The determinant ingredient in the recipe was chopped olives.
determinate (adjective) (not comparable)
Conveying an exact and definite limit or format: The irrational comments by the politician, Mr. J. Tyler, have lost any determinate applications for the citizens in his district.
determinately (adverb) (not comparable)
Characterized by being precise, final, or distinctly conclusive: The CEO was determinately convinced that it was time to get the contractor, Mr. Jones, to complete the project that had been delayed for too long.
determination (s) (noun), determinations (pl)
A resolution or a commitment to a position or a decision: Peter's determination to participate in the marathon required a great deal of preliminary training and practice before it took place.
determinative (s) (noun), determinatives (pl)
A casual, an influential factor, or that which affects a decision: Because he had to carry all of the shopping bags, it was a determinative element in Ed's decision not to take an umbrella with him.
determinative (adjective), more determinative, most determinative
Used to describe a decisive or final behavior: Mr. Dean, the contractor, wrote out the determinative estimate and contract for the new driveway which would be made for the family.
determinative idea (s) (noun), determinative ideas (pl)
The end result or goal toward which thoughts progress: One of the schizophrenic's disturbances of associations is an inability to keep to the determinative idea or to focus his or her attention on a central objective or purpose.
determinatively (adverb), more determinatively, most determinatively
Conveying finality, absoluteness, or that which is unconditional: Adam's determinatively unacceptable attitude of superiority towards the others in the workshop did not provide much incentive for them to continue working with him.
determine (verb), determines; determined; determining
1. To control, limit, regulate, or to define: The condition of the ice rink will determine if the hockey players can play their game in the morning.
2. To ascertain or to establish exactly; usually, as a result of research or calculations: Officials are trying to determine what caused the bridge to collapse and fall into the river when a truck was accidentally driven into at least one girder, or possibly several girders, causing the bridge to collapse and sending two vehicles and a mass of concrete and steel into the river. Fortunately, it was determined that no one was killed.

The objectives of the revisions of the business report were to determine what was accurate and not merely to satisfy the superintendent's views.

Glenda was determined to complete her college education so she could get a good job as a computer programmer.

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