term-, termin-

(Latin: end, last, final, boundary)

determined (adjective), more determined, most determined
A reference to a strong resolution or pledge to achieve one's goals: Olivia's determined commitment to achieving her objective of being an architect was encouraged by her teachers.
Relating to making up one's mind to achieve something; resolute.
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deterministic (adjective), more deterministic, most deterministic
Relating to events or experiences that cannot be controlled because they are decided by situations that are beyond people's choices or desires: The deterministic details of the graduation ceremony at the university were established by traditions dating back 150 years.
electric terminal (s) (noun), electric terminals (pl)
1. A screw, a soldering lug, or other point to which connections can be made to allow the transmission or receptions of signals: Irving, the contractor, hired electricians to install the electric terminals in the new building.
2. The end of a line where signals are either transmitted or received, or a point along the length of a line where the signals are made available to an apparatus: Randy, the fired train conductor, attempted to disrupt the electric terminals at the railroad station so the trains could not run on time.
exterminate (verb), exterminates; exterminated; exterminating
To get rid of or to completely destroy anything that is considered to be a pest or undesirable: Larry, the landlord, called in a pest control company to exterminate all of the cockroaches that had invaded the house that he was hoping to rent.
extermination (s) (noun), exterminations (pl)
The act of or the fact of a complete elimination of something perceived as unwanted, irritating, or harmful: Efforts for the extermination of mosquitoes in the neighborhood was greatly appreciated by many people because it had become very difficult to go out in the evening without being attacked by multitudes of the bloodthirsty insects.
exterminator (s) (noun), exterminators (pl)
A person whose occupation is to permanently get rid of unwelcome, annoying, or bothersome animals, insects, etc.: James had a reputation as being an efficient exterminator of all kinds of bugs that can cause skin damage and illnesses for people in a variety of living situations.
indeterminable (adjective), more indeterminable, most indeterminable
Relating to a situation or an event that cannot be clearly defined, ascertained, or known: There are indeterminable economic conditions that are negatively affecting so many people around the world.
indeterminate (adjective), more indeterminate, most indeterminate
Referring to a situation or event that is lacking in precision or is indefinite because of being very difficult to establish a clear result or resolution: The president of the university, Mrs. Hendricks, felt that she was in an indeterminate situation because the students were upset and many of the faculty members were not supporting her decisions.
indeterminately (adverb), more indeterminately, most indeterminately
Descriptive of something that is not clearly decided; lacking in clear direction: Ted and the other sailors wavered indeterminately over the decision to mutiny against the unjust officers.
indeterminateness (s) (noun) (no plural form)
That which is vague, unclear, or uncertain: At best, the direction of the politics at the City Hall could be described as in a state of indeterminateness because no one really seemed to know what was going on.
indetermination (s) (noun), indeterminations (pl)
A situation or a statement that is uncertain, poorly explained, or undecided: There is an indetermination as to how many people will be attending the elderly woman's 104th birthday celebration.
interminable (adjective), more interminable, most interminable
Characterizing something as being without end; endless: Mr. Smith, the politician, made many feel that it was the most interminable meeting that they had ever attended because he went on and on until many in the audience could hardly stay awake.
Descriptive of being endless or having no limit.
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A reference to seeming to last forever with chatter.
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interminably (adverb), more interminably, most interminably
Regarding how something goes on unceasingly, tediously, or seemingly endlessly: The interminably long and boring meeting finally concluded just before lunch.
predetermination (s) (noun), predeterminations (pl)
1. The act of ordaining in advance what is to take place: It was an act of predetermination when the two film enthusiasts, Mary and Max, met at the film rental shop and reached simultaneously for the only copy of the very popular movie.
2. A purpose formed beforehand: Adam was told by the minister that there was a predetermination of God's will in people's lives.
predetermine (verb), predetermines; predetermined; predetermining
1. To decide, to agree, or to arrange something before it happens: Hayden felt that his life was predetermined to be a football player.

Ben and Beatrice had to predetermine when and where they would be going on their summer vacation.

2. To settle on something or to reach a decision before it is actually completed: Jane and Janet, the organizers of the beauty contest, were predetermining who the winner would be before the actual voting took place.

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