folio-, foli-, folii-

(Latin: leaf, leaves; a plant's device for intercepting light, obtaining and storing water and nutrients, exchanging gases, and providing a process for photosynthesis)

folicoline (adjective), more folicoline, most folicoline
foliicole (verb), foliicoles; foliicoled; foliicoling: dry fruit
Living in dry fruit that contains many seeds which are released when ripe.
foliicolous (adjective), more foliicolous, most foliicolous
foliiferous (adjective)
Having or bearing leaves or leaflike structures.
To eat leaves or leaf eating.

Many leaves contain a high proportion of hard-to-digest cellulose and relatively little energy. For this reason, folivorous mammals tend to have long digestive tracts and slow metabolisms. Many have the help of symbiotic bacteria to release the nutrients in their diets.

Folivorous creatures eating leaves. The folivorous creatures eating out.

graminifolious (adjective), more graminifolious, most graminifolious
A reference to bearing or having leaves similar to the stems or leaves of grass.
interfoliaceous (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the node between a pair of leaves; situated between leaves: Rubiaceae plants are noted to have interfoliaceous stipules.
intrafoliaceous (adjective) (not comparable)
Concerning a growth directly above or in front of a leaf: While scrutinizing some plants in his garden, Jack noticed some flowers having intrafoliaceous outgrowths at the base of of the leaves.
With broad leaves.