folio-, foli-, folii-

(Latin: leaf, leaves; a plant's device for intercepting light, obtaining and storing water and nutrients, exchanging gases, and providing a process for photosynthesis)

exfoliation (s), exfoliations (pl) (nouns)
1. The peeling off in flakes or scales (flat pieces of skin or surface) of bark or dead skin.
2. The scaling off of a bone, a rock, or a mineral, etc.
3. The loss of leaves from a plant.
4. The removal of a layer of skin, as in cosmetic preparation.
foil (s), foils (pl) (nouns)
1. Metal that has been hammered or rolled into a thin flexible sheet and which is used primarily for covering or wrapping food: "She wrapped a piece of cake in aluminum foil so she could eat it later at work."

"A thin leaf of metal was put under the precious stone so it would increase the jewel's brilliance."

3. In architecture, a leaf-shaped curve formed by the intersecting point of the small arcs or foliations decorating the internal curves of an arch or circle and which usually occurs in groups of three or more in the stonework elements that support the glass in a Gothic window: "The foils or foilations of the small arcs that decorated the internal curves of slender vertical piers and the counterbalancing arches gave the appearance of a trifoliate leaf."
4. Etymology: "thin sheet of metal" from early 14th century; from Old French fueille, "leaf"; from Latin folia, "leaves" and folium, "leaf".
foliaceous (adjective), more foliaceous, most foliaceous
Descriptive of a leaf or leaves: Foliaceous growths are leaflike in form, composed of thin laminated layers. and have the texture or nature of foliage or leaves. Some minerals have small, colorless scales which possess a foliaceous quality.
foliage (s), foliages (pl) (nouns)
The leaves of a plant; especially, a tree collectively: "Foliage refers to leaves in general or to a cluster of leaves or to any ornamental display of leaves, stems, and flowers; as in artistic images."

"In the autumn, around the world, there are all kinds of beautifully colored foliages falling to the ground from trees and bushes."

foliar (adjective)
Referring to or relating to a leaf or leaves: "The foliar colors and shapes of the various plants in her floral display were wonderful to see."
folicaulicole (verb), folicaulicoles; folicaulicoled; folicaulicoling
Living attached to leaves and stems: "Fungus and lichens folicaulicole on the small branches and buds of various plants."
folicaulicoline (adjective), more folicaulicoline, most folicaulicoline
folicaulicolous (adjective), more folicaulicolous, most folicaulicolous
A reference to that which grows on leaves and stems: "Certain fungi and lichens are folicaulicolous inhabitants on plants."
folicole (verb), folicoles; folicoled; folicoling: leaf, leaves
Growing, or living, on leaves.