cor-, cord-, cour-

(Latin: heart)

discourage (verb), discourages; discouraged; discouraged
1. To prevent, to dishearten, to crush: The fact that his birthday cake wasn't baked yet discouraged Jack a lot until his mother told him not to worry because it would be finished in time for the party.
2. To persuade another person not to do something: Sam tried to discourage his little brother from taking part in the swimming competition in their school.
encourage (verb), encourages; encouraged; encouraging
1. To motivate, to inspire, to urge: The fitness trainer encouraged Mary to concentrate on her leg movements.
2. To prompt, to strongly advocate: The town's government encouraged people to leave their cars at home and go by bus when shopping.
3. To give aid or support, to help bring about: The parents of the students in school encouraged the idea of having new sports equipment and decided to donate money for this purpose.
morbus cordis
Heart disease.
Opes regum sont corda subditorum.
The treasures of kings are the hearts of their subjects.

Motto of German Emperor Leopold II (1790-1792).

recordable (adjective), more recordable, most recordable
Able to be entered onto a disk, as a DVD: The music Jane wanted to listen to was transferred onto a recordable CD.
recorder (s) (noun), recorders (pl)
1. A musical instrument, typically wood, that is held in a vertical position and played by blowing air through it and covering finger holes in the tube of the instrument to produce different sounds: Kirsten was learning to play the recorder after she decided playing the flute was too difficult.
2. A person whose job is to write official data about things that need to be available for current or future reference: Carol is the official recorder for the local housing advocacy committee meetings and in addition to taking hand written notes, she uses an electrically operated machine to be sure she accurately gets all the information from meetings.

A cross reference of another word group that is related to: "heart": cardio-.