cor-, cord-, cour-

(Latin: heart)

cordial (adjective), more cordial, most cordial
1. A reference to a politely pleasant and friendly relationship: Germany and the United States have maintained cordial relations since World War II.
2.Relating to someone who is radiating warmth and friendliness; genial: The people who attended Mike's birthday party received cordial greetings from him when they arrived.
3. Etymology: from Latin cor-, cord-, "heart".
Conveying a friendly reception.
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Shaped like, or in the form of, a heart.
1. Operative fixation of any displaced anatomical cord.
2. Lateral fixation of one or both vocal cords to correct glottic stenosis (the narrowing of the vocal cords and the opening between them).
courage (s) (noun), courage (pl)
1. The ability to be self-assured and sure of oneself: It took Jim a lot of courage, to be efficient and successful in his job.
2. The capacity to overcome one's panic or fright: Jill had to pluck up a lot of courage to tell her boyfriend that she didn't love him after all.

It took Jim a lot of courage to jump into the very cold water.
3. The quality of keeping one's determination or objective: After becoming blind, Lynn kept up her courage and tried to arrange her life as it was before and continued going by bus into town, doing her shopping, etc.

discord (s) (noun), discords (pl)
1. Strife, tension, or without agreement among people, or groups.
2. Harsh or confusing because of a bad intermingling of sounds.
discordance (s) (noun), discordances (pl)
1. The lack of agreement or harmony by people or groups of people.
2. In music, a combination of inharmonious sounds or tones.
discordant (adjective), more discordant, most discordant
1. Conflicting or disagreeable and not getting along with each other: "The discordant views of Fred Brown, and his son Luis, resulted in many arguments between them."
2. Harsh or unpleasant sounds: "The students were playing discordant music at the beginning of the semester and then, later in the school year, they were much more harmonious."

A cross reference of another word group that is related to: "heart": cardio-.