contra-, contro-, counter, contre-

(Latin: against, opposed to, opposite, conflicting, different, clashing, unaccommodating)

encounter (s) (noun), encounters (pl)
An unexpected meeting with someone or something that involves a confrontation or an unpleasant struggle: The politician had some encounters with those who opposed him by yelling at him while he was talking to the audience.
A hostile meeting with a combact or battle.
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The ability of muscle to respond to a continuous, direct electric current.
incontrovertible (adjective), more incontrovertible, most incontrovertible
A reference to something that cannot be disputed, questioned, or doubted: The video provided incontrovertible proof that the official was smoking marijuana at the party despite his claims of innocence.

The judge told the defending lawyer that the incontrovertible evidence that was presented about his client's innocence would result in her being declared "innocent of the charges".

No doubt, certain, indisputable.
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nemine contradicente; nem. con.
No one contradicting.


Nemo tenetur edere instrumenta contra se.
No one is bound to produce writings against himself or herself.

A rule of the Roman law, adhered to in criminal prosecutions, but departed from in civil questions.

Quasi ex contractu.
In law, "as if from or by contract".
reencounter, re-encounter (s) (noun); reencounters, re-encounters (pl)
1. An unexpected meeting again.
2. Another contest or conflict with someone or a group.
re-encounter, reencounter (verb); re-encounters, reencounters; re-encountered, reencountered; re-encountering, reencountering
1. To come upon or to meet casually or unexpectedly once more.
2. To return into conflict with an enemy, an army, etc. in a battle or some contest.
3. To be faced with or to contend with something or someone at another time: Mark re-encounters many obstacles in his work as a computer specialist.
rencounter (ren KOUN tuhr) (s) (noun), rencounters (pl) (Considered "archaic" or "out of date")
1. A hostile meeting or encounter between adversaries.
2. A causal combat or action; a sudden contest or fight without premeditation, as between individuals or small parties.