contra-, contro-, counter, contre-

(Latin: against, opposed to, opposite, conflicting, different, clashing, unaccommodating)

counterinsurgency (s) (noun), counterinsurgencies (pl)
A political and even a military strategy or action that is intended to oppose and to forcefully suppress an uprising, revolt, or rebellion: A counterinsurgency sometimes needs military measures to fight those people who are rising up against their own country.

A counterinsurgency includes the military and political activities undertaken by a government to defeat a rebellion or a guerrilla movement.

Intelligence activities concerned with identifying and counteracting the threat to security posed by hostile intelligence organizations or by individuals engaged in espionage, or sabotage, or subversion, or terrorism.
1. Not in accordance with what would naturally be assumed or expected.
2. Different from what is expected.
3. Contrary to what intuition or common sense would indicate.
3. Not agreeing with what seems right or natural.
1. An agent that causes irritation or a mild inflammation of the skin in order to relieve symptoms of a deep-seated inflammatory process.
2. An agent that induces local inflammation to relieve inflammation in underlying or adjacent tissues.
3. Relating to or producing counterirritation.
4. Any irritation or annoyance that draws attention away from another irritating situation.
countermand (verb), countermands; countermanded; countermanding
1. To make a contrary order to cancel or to reverse a previously issued requirement: An official announcement stating that the costs of stamps were going to be raised by 5 cents was countermanded the next month because the regulation had been overruled, or invalidated, by the new postmaster general or the executive head of the national postal service.
2. To annul by recalling or rescinding: The latest scandal involving an exhaust manipulation of diesel cars resulted in the auto company countermanding additional sales of such vehicles throughout the world until they are functioning properly.
countermeasure, countermeasures
1. Something which is done in reaction to and as a defense against a hostile action by someone else, or something that is done in order to deal with a threat.
2. An action taken to offset another action.
3. Action taken to oppose, to neutralize, or to retaliate against some other action.
4. Etymology: combined with the Latin prefix contra, "opposite, contrary to, against, in return" + measure, "plan of action".
counteroffensive (s) (noun), counteroffensives (pl)
counteroffer (s) (noun), counteroffers (pl)
One of a series of exchanges in the process of buying or selling something, and part of a negotiation between the buyer or seller to reach an agreeable price: Although the car was listed at a selling price of $2,000, Linda received an offer of only $1,000; so, she made a counteroffer of $1,500 which was accepted by the bidder.
counterpassion (s) (noun), counterpassions (pl)
A desire or affection opposed to, or the opposite of another: It was extremely hard for Tom to accept the counterpassion that Valerie showed towards him because he loved her so much!