commu-, comm-

(Latin: common, universal, public; multitude and common people)

Quotes: Communication
Striving to entertain and to inform: communication quotes.
telecommunication (s) (noun), telecommunications (pl)
1. The transmission of encoded sound, pictures, or data over significant distances, using radio signals or electrical or optical lines: "The secret telecommunications were picked up by the receiver that was hidden in the barn."
2. The science and technology of communication at a distance by electronic transmission of impulses, as by telegraph, cable, telephone, radio, or television.

"Telecommunications is an important area of professional growth in modern technology."

3. The electronic systems used in transmitting messages; such as, by telegraph, cable, telephone, radio, or television.

"Telecommunications were disrupted by the severe winter wind and ice storms."

4. Any process that allows a person to communicate over distances by means of an electromagnetic system, with information in the form of sound, text, images, and so on; with a telephone system: "The telecommunications that are currently available to various business complexes enhance their ability to expand and be competitive."
uncommon (adjective), more uncommon, most uncommon
Unusual, rare, or extraordinary: "Ingrid had the uncommon ability to roller skate while balancing a pitcher of water on her head."
uncommonly (adverb), more uncommonly, most uncommonly
That which occurs rarely, extraordinarily, or strangely: "Henry was uncommonly fast in replying to the uncommon job offer he received yesterday."
uncommunicative (adjective), more uncommunicative, most uncommunicative
1. Not inclined to talk or to give information or to express opinions: "Harriet's uncommunicative attitude was manifest by her refusal to give consistent eye contact during her interview for the job offer."
2. Tending neither to talk nor to disclose information; being reserved or taciturn: "During the trial, the uncommunicative defendant presented a frustrating challenge for the officials of the court."