commu-, comm-

(Latin: common, universal, public; multitude and common people)

communistic (adjective), more communistic, most communistic
A reference to practices or of individuals who adhere to theories of collective ownership and centralized management of economic, etc. policies: "The communistic tendencies of the local labor movement encouraged many citizens to question the current leadership of the country."
communitarian (s) (noun), communitarians (pl)
A member of a group of individuals who are formed to put into practice the theories of centralized ownership and management: "The communitarians at the farm were committed to the practices of centralized ownership and not to the practice of individual ownership."
community (s) (noun), communities (pl)
1. A group of individuals who share similar interests and activities: "The community of harp players is a unique and specialized group of performers."
2. A settlement of people in a specific location or neighborhood: "The community in the area developed around the river and lakes of the region."
communization (s) (noun), communizations (pl)
The act of changing the ownership or management of property from a private to a group ownership: "The process of communization of the flooded rice fields proceeded smoothly."
communize (verb), communizes; communized; communizing
To change or convert from private ownership or management to group governance: The residents of Sam's community asked the town council to communize the availability of bicycles so anyone would be able to use them to get around the city.
excommunicable (adjective), more excommunicable; most excommunicable
A reference to an individual who has been formally removed from membership of a church or an organization because of an infraction of the rules of membership: The men committed an excommunicable offense by smoking in the lounge of the NON-SMOKING SOCIETY.
excommunicate (eks" kuh MYOO ni kayt") (verb), excommunicates; excommunicated; excommunicating
To remove the membership of an individual from a secular organization or a religious organization through a formal decree or ecclesiastical order: It saddened the bishop of the church to be excommunicating one of the long time members of the church; however, he had no choice because of the violations of the sacred and moral precepts or rules of the church by the member.
excommunication (s) (noun), excommunications (pl)
The formal banishment of an individual from membership of a specific religious organization or a secular group: "Adam and Ever received notice of their excommunication from the church via a letter from the bishop."
incommunicable (adjective), more incommunicable, most incommunicable
Descriptive of that which cannot be shared, told, or transmitted: Samuel possessed the incommunicable information about the decisions made by the Board of Directors.
incommunicado (adverb)
Not being able to receive or to send messages of information: "Standing on the mountain top, Peter realized the extent of his incommunicado remote situation because his cellphone could not communicate with his family or anyone else."
incommunicado (adjective)
A reference to a situation in which an individual is unable or not allowed to transmit information or messages to others: "Sailing across the ocean felt like an incommunicado experience for Susan because she received no mail, no cellphone connections, and no fax messages."
intercommunicate (in" tuhr kuh MYOO ni kayt") (verb), intercommunicates; intercommunicated; intercommunicating
To connect, to link, or to enable the transmission of messages between two spaces, individuals, etc.: The doors between the two rooms made it easy for the children and their parents to intercommunicate with each other.

The sisters, Patricia and Julia, often intercommunicate with each other by phone and e-mail.

intercommunication (s) (noun), intercommunications (pl)
The fact of being linked in such a manner as to allow for the transmissions of messages: "The intercommunication that existed between the office staff and the administration area allowed for efficient dialogs about office policies."
intercommunion (s) (noun), intercommunions (pl)
1. A relationship or association among two individuals or groups: "The intercommunion of the university students was promoted by many social activities."
2. The practice among some religious organizations of giving or receiving blessed wine and bread: "The minister conducted the intercommunion for the church members who attended the Sunday service."
intercommunity (s) (noun), intercommunities (pl)
A situation whereby there is a joint or collective ownership: "There are many aspects of living in a condominium that encompass the precepts of intercommunity; such as, recreation rooms, exercise equipment, swimming pool, and tennis courts."