-chore, -choric, -chorous, -chory

(Greek: a suffix: to spread, to disperse; to move, to go; to withdraw, to advance; a means or agency for distribution)

How Seeds of Plants Are Spread for Reproduction

Plants have various ways of scattering their seeds so young plants can spread around to grow away from their producers so they don't compete with each other in order to survive.

Many seeds are carried by wind, animals, or water; and some have fruits that are eaten by animals, which then deposit the seeds in their droppings.

—Compiled from information provided in
"Flowering plants and fungi"; Reader's Digest Book of Facts;
The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.; Pleasantville, New York; 1987; page 263.
bolochorous (adjective), more bolochorous, most bolochorous
bolochory (s) (noun), bolochories (pl)
brotichore (s) (noun), brotichores (pl)
1. Distribution of reproductive elements in close proximity to humans.
2. Spreading seeds, etc. near dwellings or houses by the agency of people.
brotichorous (adjective), more brotichorous, most brotichorous
brotichory (s) (noun), broticories (pl)
brotochore (s) (noun), brotochores (pl)
A plant that is dispersed by humans.
brotochorous (adjective), more brotochorous, most brotochorous
brotochory (s) (noun), brotochories (pl)
bryochore (s) (noun), bryochores (pl)
That area of the earth's surface that is covered by tundra plant life which consists of sedges, mosses, lichens, and a few small shrubs.

Underlaid by permafrost, with the result that drainage is bad and the soil may be saturated for long periods. It does not have a permanent snow–ice cover.

bryochoric (adjective), more bryochoric, most bryochoric
chiropterochoric (adjective), more chiropterochoric, most chiropterochoric
chiropterochorous (adjective), more chiropterochorous, most chiropterochorous
chiropterochory (s) (noun), chiropterochories (pl)
clitochore (s) (noun), clitochores (pl)
1. Dispersed by gravity.
2. Plants that are distributed by land slides.
clitochorous (adjective), more clitochorous, most clitochorous