-chore, -choric, -chorous, -chory

(Greek: a suffix: to spread, to disperse; to move, to go; to withdraw, to advance; a means or agency for distribution)

How Seeds of Plants Are Spread for Reproduction

Plants have various ways of scattering their seeds so young plants can spread around to grow away from their producers so they don't compete with each other in order to survive.

Many seeds are carried by wind, animals, or water; and some have fruits that are eaten by animals, which then deposit the seeds in their droppings.

—Compiled from information provided in
"Flowering plants and fungi"; Reader's Digest Book of Facts;
The Reader's Digest Association, Inc.; Pleasantville, New York; 1987; page 263.
atelechory (s) (noun), atelechories (pl)
autochore (s) (noun), autochores (pl)
A species in which some action of the parent plant is the chief force for dissemination, e.g., the mechanical projection of seeds as the jewelweed.
autochorous (adjective), more autochorous, most autochorous
autochory (s) (noun), autochories (pl)
1. Having movable spores or propagules disseminated by the action of the parent plant itself.
2. Distribution by projection by the species own processes.
ballochore (s) (noun), ballochores (pl)
1. Distributiion by mechanical means.
2. Expulsion or jactition of fruits or seeds.
ballochoric (adjective), more ballochoric, most ballochoric
ballochory (s) (noun), ballochories (pl)
barachore (s) (noun), barachores (pl)
1. Distribution by the weight of plants.
2. Distributing by gravitational forces acting on heavy fruits or seeds of plants.
barachoric (noun), more barachoric, most barachoric
barachory (s) (noun), barachories (pl)
biochore (s) (noun), biochores (pl)
1. That part of the earth's surface that is able to support plant and animal life.
2. The geographical environment in which certain life forms are dominant.
3. The boundary of a floral or faunal region.
4. The climatic boundary of a floral region as indicated by the vegetation in the area.
blastochore (s) (noun), blastochores (pl)
A plant that is dispersed by means of offshoots.
blastochoric (adjective), more blastochoric, most blastochoric
blastochory (s) (noun), blastochories (pl)
bolochore (s) (noun), bolochores (pl)
Having propagules (organisms capable of producing a new individuals) dispersed by propulsive mechanisms.