(Latin: of, relating to, or resembling; compound of the suffixes -ule, "little, small" and -ar, "pertaining to, of the nature of, like"; and so, -ular is a combining form meaning: referring to something "specified": appendicular, molecular, pedicular; as well as, a combining form meaning "resembling" something specified: circular, globular, tubular)

A reference to a lune or lunule; in the form of a lunule, crescent-shaped.
maculopapular (s) (noun), maculopapulars (pl)
An eruption on the skin that involves marks or unusual growths on the skin and papules (small solid rounded bumps or pimples on the skin): A maculopapular rash is characterized by a flat, red area on the epidermis which consists of small bumps.
magnocellular (adjective) (not comparable)
Regarding neurons with large cell bodies: The magnocellular system, shown by research and current studies, might have a specific involvement in deficits in reading which are related to dyslexia.
mandibular (adjective) (no comparisons)
Referring to the lower jaw.
The portion of the circulatory system composed of the smallest vessels; such as, the capillaries, arterioles, and venules.
1. Adapted to be used with only one eye at a time; such as, a monocular microscope.
2. Having only one eye or with one eye only; such as, "monocular vision".
multangular (mult-TANG-you-luhr) (adjective), more multangular, most multangular
Having many edges or aspects of forms or shapes: More advanced multangular circuits exist for some car races because such twists and turns require more skill to maneuver through than those that are straight.
multiarticular (adjective) (not comparable)
Pertaining to many joints.
1. Having many eyes.
2. Having more than two eyes.
Referring to a muscle and its blood vessels.
octangular (ok-TANG-you-luhr) (adjective) (usually not comparable)
Having eight obvious intersections or junctions: The term octangular may refer to an eight sided geometric figure or a numeric quantity of eight divergent loops.