(Latin: of, relating to, or resembling; compound of the suffixes -ule, "little, small" and -ar, "pertaining to, of the nature of, like"; and so, -ular is a combining form meaning: referring to something "specified": appendicular, molecular, pedicular; as well as, a combining form meaning "resembling" something specified: circular, globular, tubular)

1. Characterized by, or containing vessels that carry or circulate fluids; such as, blood, lymph, or sap, through the body of an animal or plant.
2. Relating to, constituting, or affecting a tube or a system of tubes for the conveyance of a body fluid (as blood or lymph); such as, vascular disease or vascular surgical techniques.
3. Supplied with or containing ducts and especially blood vessels; such as, a vascular tumor or the vascular layer of the skin.
vehicular (adjective), more vehicular, most vehicular
1. Relating to, involving, or intended for use by cars, trucks, buses, etc.: The vehicular traffic had increased in the quiet neighborhood, raising concerns about the safety of the children living there.
2. That which is characterized as being caused by motor-driven transporters: Shirley was charged with vehicular homicide after hitting the child with her car.
3. In medicine, relating to a transporting agent, especially the component of a medication (prescription) serving as a solvent or to increase the quantity or to decrease the concentration of a mixture: Dr. Straight explained that some medicines contain vehicular substances that are of no therapeutic value; such as, alcohol.
Referring to a ventricle (a small cavity).
A reference to vesicles or small blisters.
A reference to a zonula.
zygomaticoauricular (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to the cheekbone, or also called the malar bone, and the externally visible part of the ear; relating to the ear or the sense of hearing: In the car accident, the zygomaticoauricular part of Sandy's face was badly injured and she had to have an operation and stay in hospital for quite a while.

The "zygomatic bone" is the quadrilateral bone which forms the prominence of the cheek. It articulates with the frontal, sphenoid, temporal, and maxillary bones.