schol-, schola-

(Latin: of a school, referring to a place of learning and education)

scholical (adjective), more scholical, most scholical
Relating to schools and education.
scholion (s) (noun), scholions (pl)
Explanations or annotations (information) regarding something in a classical text about ancient Greek or Latin literature.
scholiun (s) (noun), scholia (pl)
A medieval annotation or commentary written about an ancient Greek or Latin text.
scholy (s) (noun), scholies (pl)
A marginal note or statements; especially, about the text of a Greek or Latin writer: A scholy is an opinion that is added to a text as an explanation, a criticism, or an opinion.
school (s) (noun), schools (pl)
A building or place in which children and teenagers are taught: Most schools have pupils who start learning in kindergarten up to the twelfth grade.

A school also refers to a college or university or any learning facility that offers specialized instructions in academic subjects.

Schools are places where people can have periods of activities regarded as providing knowledge or practical experiences.

school (verb), schools; schooled; schooling
To instruct or to train people to learn specific skills: Adam has been schooled in reading, writing, mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other academic studies where he has lived for years.
scolionophobia (s) (noun), scolionophobias (pl)
A fear of going to school: Doug finally made some friends at school and got over his scolionophobia and didn't dread going away from the security of his home and parents anymore!
unscholarly (adjective), more unscholarly, most unscholarly
Referring to not showing the learning, reasoning, and attention to details.