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vita (s), vitae (pl)
1. A brief account of someone's life.
2. A brief summary of a person's career and accomplishments.
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Amicus optima vitae possessio. (Latin motto)
Translation "A friend is the greatest treasure of life."

Motto of German Emperor Albrecht of Habsburg (1438-1439).

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arbor vitae, arborvitae
1. Any of several North American or eastern Asian evergreen trees or shrubs of the genus Thuja, having flattened branchlets with opposite, scalelike leaves and small cones.

They are grown as ornamentals and for timber.

2. The white nerve tissue of the cerebellum, which has a treelike outline in a median section.
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Calicem vitae dedisti mihi in mortem.
The cup of life is the cup of death.

Motto of German Emperor Henry VII of Luxembourg (1308-1313).

curriculum vitae, cv. (s) (noun), curricula vitae (pl)
1. A summary of one's education, professional history, and job qualifications; usually, for a prospective employer: Dr. Jones recommended that his students have their curricula vitae prepared well in advance of applying for their desired occupation.

Curriculum vitae is also called vita or vitae; a brief biographical résumé of a person's career and training, which is usually prepared by someone who is applying for a job or a professional career.

2. Etymology: from Latin, curriculum vitae, "the race of life"; from curriculum, "course" + vitae; from vita, "life".
Fons vitae sapientia.
Wisdom is the fountain of life.

Motto of Trent College, U.K.

Habebunt lumen vitae.
They shall have the light of life.

Motto of Atlantic Christian College, Wilson, North Carolina, USA.

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus. (Latin statement)
Translation: "We do not learn just for school, but we learn for life." -Seneca, Jr.
Tedium Vitae. (Latin phrase)
Translation: "Weariness of life."
vis vitae; vis vitalis
Life force.
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Taedium vitae.
Weariness of life.
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