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workaholic (s) (noun), workaholics (pl)
1. In lexicomedy: Someone who gets drunk every time anyone talks about tasks, jobs, chores, or duties:

At a grave in a cemetery, two women are visiting. One woman says, "I understand he was a workaholic." The other woman responds, "He was . . . but, he drank at home, too."

—"Wizard of Id" comic strip, October 24, 2007.
2. A person who occupies himself or herself compulsively with business matters: While the term workaholic generally implies that someone enjoys his or her job very much, quite often that person is also obsessed with it.
3. Etymology: coined from work with the second element abstracted from alcoholic.

This provides us with the old Rodney Dangerfield joke: "My old man was a workaholic and every time he thought about work, he got drunk."

Someone who is obsessively occupied with work.
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