Dictionary with a Touch of Humor

(enjoying words with special points of view, sometimes humorous, and which are not found in a "regular" dictionary)

narcotics (noun) (a plural used as a singular)
Dope for dopes; also known as "idiots".
nasal irrigation
A method for diminishing nasal irritation.

Nasal irrigation is a procedure that uses a saline (salt) solution to cleanse the nasal passages by forcing a solution of salty water into the nose to clean out the sinuses.

In a clash by oneself.
Pillow fright.
An English tramp, a hobo.
Gender gape.
opinion polls (lexicomedy)
Knowing what people are undecided about.
Too far to see, past your eyes.
A clown's ultimate comedy thrust.
political-public speaking
Comedic Definition: All in a dais work.
pottery store
Feats of clay.
practical joker (s) (noun), practical jokers (pl)
Someone who sets up a situation to produce a humorous physical outcome at the expense of others.
procrastinate (lexicomedy)
A fault that most people put off trying to correct.
A gentlemanly goose, proper gander.
public opinion poll
Nonsensus of opinion.

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