tend-, tendo-, ten-, teno-, tenot-, tenonto-, tens-, tent-, -tend, -tension, -tent, -tense, -tensive, -tentious

(Greek > Latin: to move in a certain direction; to stretch, to hold out; tension; as well as tendon, sinew)

An instrument that measure small changes in gas or vapor pressure and is used to obtain the temperature point at which one phase of a substance, especially a crystal, is changed into another.
1. Any instrument for measuring tautness or tension; such as, of a stretched wire, fabric, etc., or of the eyeball.
2. An instrument for measuring the surface tension of a liquid.
tension (TEN shuhn) (s) (noun), tensions (pl)
1. A mental or nervous strain, often accompanied by muscular stiffness: After completing her physics examination, Margie could feel the tension in her shoulders and she had to use a heating pad to help her relax.
2. A state of strained relations; uneasiness due to mutual hostility: In the following years after the conflict between the two nations stopped, the tensions continued, fueled by distrust.
3. The stress on a material produced by pulling tends to cause lengthening or elongations: When sewing the seam on her new dress, Virginia was careful to maintain an even tension so the fabric would not become wrinkled.
4. In physiology and pathology, the condition of being stretched or strained in any part of the body; a sensation indicating or suggesting this; a feeling of tightness: In anticipation of running the marathon at school, Pamela could feel the tension building in her leg muscles and frequently massaged them to overcome the discomfort.
A device for applying tension to cables, pipelines, etc.
The quality or condition of being tense; a state of tension.
Having the quality of stretching or straining; causing tension; in pathology, applied to a sensation of tension or tightness in any part of the body.
1. Any muscle that stretches, or tenses, some part of the body.
2. In mathematics, an abstract object representing a generalization of the vector concept and having a specified system of components that undergo certain types of transformation under changes of the coordinate system.
A portable shelter consisting of canvas, skins, etc. stretched over poles and attached to stakes.
One of the hooks that holds cloth on a tenter.
Pertaining to cohesive power as affected by temperature.
Tension or strain applied to material at a specified temperature to increase or test its tensile power.

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