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1. The quality of being intense; specifically extreme degree of anything; great energy or vehemence of emotion, thought, or activity.
2. Degree or extent; relative strength, magnitude, vigor, etc.
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electric intensity, electric field intensity, electric field strength
The magnitude of an electric field at a point in the field that is equal to the force that would be exerted on a small unit charge placed at that point.

The electric field is the set of all values of the electric field strength, but electric field and electric field intensity (as well as electric field strength and electric vector) are used more or less interchangeably.

The trend is to use an electric field both for the field taken as a whole and for its value at any point with a context being sufficient to determine the precise meaning.

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electric vector, electric-field vector, electric-field intensity; electric-field strength
1. A vector which represents the force per unit charge acting on a positive charge in an electric field.
2. The force on a stationary positive electrical charge per unit charge at a point in an electric field.

It is usually measured in volts per meter.

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material intensity
1. The relation between primary material demand and the gross domestic product of a country in a given year; such as, tons of copper used per monetary value of gross domestic product.
2. A similar relation between material demand and population.
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