pan-, panto-, pant-

(Greek: all, every, entire; always)

panidrosis (s) (noun), panidroses (pl)
1. The sweating of the entire surface of the body.
2. Etymology: from Greek pas, pan, "all" + hidros, "perspiration".
panmnesia (s) (noun) (no plural)
The belief that all mental impressions will remain for a long time in the memory of a person: Janet's doctor said that she would reap the benefits of having panmnesia her whole life as long as she stayed healthy, and she would be able to tell her grandchildren about all of her adventures as a child!
panophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
An irrational fear or an unspecific terror of everything: Suffering from panophobia, Nancy was in a state of general unexplained and groundless anxiety after her friend left to go back home, although she had no reason to be so restless, worried, and troubled.
panoply (s) (noun), panoplies (pl)
1. A complete suit of armor of a warrior: Military people don't wear such protection as panoplies in these modern times.
2. The coverings of something which also protect: The lion's panoply of fur was very thick and comfortable.
3. A complete collection or display, usually of things: June had a whole array or panoplies of interesting items from her ancestors that she had in her glass cabinet.
4. Etymology: from Greek panoplia; from pan-, "all, entirely" + hopla, "arms".
The metal covering of a warrior.
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panorama (s) (noun), panoramas (pl)
1. An unbroken view of an entire surrounding area; a 360 degree view or an unobstructed view extending in all directions, especially of a landscape.
2. A comprehensive presentation; a survey: The students were studying a panorama of American literature.
3. A picture or photograph that has a wide view; especially, one that is unrolled gradually in front of the viewer.
4. A mental vision of a series of events to anticipate for consideration in the future.
panpathy (s) (noun), panpathies (pl)
A universal feeling which is shared by everyone: Most people have panpathies about living healthy lives as much as they can.
panpsychism (s) (noun), panpsychisms (pl)
The theory that all matter, or all nature, is itself psychical, or has a psychical aspect; that atoms and molecules, as well as plants and animals, have a rudimentary life of sensation, feeling, and impulse that bears the same relation to their movements just as the psychical life of human beings does to their objective activities.
Pan-Satanism (s) (noun), Pan-Satanisms (pl)
The vague belief that the world is somehow identified with the devil or is ruled by Satan: It is easy to see that Pan-Satanism exists in a universal way when the news presents so many evil things that are happening.

One example of Pan-Satanism is a woman who returned home from shopping to find that her house had been broken into and her money and jewelry were stolen.

Of course, there are many other more severe examples of Pan-Satanisms which have happened and will be taking place everyday.

pantagogue (s) (noun), pantagogues (pl)
A medicine that once was believed capable of purging away or expelling all morbid or unhealthy matter from the body.
pantalgia (s) (noun), pantalgias (pl)
Pain involving the whole body.
pantaphobia (s) (noun), pantaphobias (pl)
Lacking fear; an abnormal fearlessness: Maggie, the little toddler, seemingly had pantaphobia because she was totally unafraid and undaunted when she was crawling on all fours and discovering the rest of the house and all the new, unfamiliar, and sometimes dangerous things it had!

Lacking fear even in a very dangerous situation.
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Having no fear in certain circumstances could be fatal!

Pantaphobia can be a dangerous condition in which there is absolutely no fear of anything; broken down as panto- (all, every) and a- (no, not) + phobia (fear). It can lead to a careless lifestyle resulting in a shorter span of existence.

The antonyms (opposites) of pantaphobia, or terms that indicate an excessive or abnormal fear of everything, include such words as: panphobia, panophobia, and pantophobia.

pantechnic (adjective), more pantechnic, most pantechnic
Pertaining to or relating to comprehending or understanding all the arts.
pantelephone (s) (noun), pantelephones (pl)
A highly sensitive microphone capable of reproducing minute or very small sound-vibrations at great distances.
pantheism (s) (noun), pantheisms (pl)
1. The belief that God and the material world are one and the same thing and that God is present in everything and every where.
2. The belief in and worship of all or many deities.
pantheist (s) (noun), pantheists (pl)
Anyone who believes that God is present in everything or someone who believes in many gods.

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