gyno-, gyn-, gynaeco-, gyneco-, gyne-, -gynia, -gynic, gynec-, -gynist, -gynous, -gyny

(Greek: woman, women, female, females)

Many of the words from these Greek elements refer to botanic or other biological nomenclature.

gynecologic, gynaecologic
1. A reference to the study and treatment of diseases and disorders of the human female reproductive system.
2. The branch of medicine that devotes itself to the care and prevention physical disorders in women and which for the most part is not concerned with pregnancy.

Gynecologic conditions are also associated with public-health functions, and includes family planning, preconception counseling, genetic counseling, and sexual therapy.

gynecologist, gynaecologist
A physician specializing in the diseases of women, especially those of the female reproductive system.
A branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and hygiene of females.
gynecomania, gynaecomania
A morbid or excessive desire for women; satyriasis.
gynecomastia, gynecomasty, gynecomazia
1. Enlargement of the male breast, in a minority of cases accompanied by galactorrhea.

In a few cases, breast development is so marked as to require corrective mastectomy.

2. Excessive development of the male mammary glands, due mainly to ductal proliferation with periductal edema; frequently secondary to increased estrogen levels, but mild gynecomastia may occur in normal adolescence.
3. Also called mammary feminism (older term), gynecomasty (seldom used), gynecomastism (rarely used), gynecomazia (rarely used).
gyneconitis, gynaeconitis
In Eastern Christianity, the part of the church reserved for women, formerly the galleries, now chiefly the narthex.
gynecopathic (adjecrive) (not comparable)
Referring to a disease appearing or found only in women: Dr. Snow detected a gynecopathic disorder in Jane's uterus which turned out to be completely harmless.
gynecophobia, gynephobia, gynophobia (s) (noun) (no plural)
The dread of being with women or a morbid hatred of women in general: Robert grew up with his dominant mother who behaved in a very extreme and awful manner towards him, and after trying to get over his gynophobia with therapy, he finally found a young lady who was generous, understanding, and who respected him.
Pertaining to a male with a feminine voice.
1. Characterizing social insects that become functional females (queens) if given special care and feeding during their larval development, otherwise becoming infertile, neuter adults (workers).
2. In zoology, possessing the complete series of female instincts; worker ants.
The measurement of uterine contractions, usually during labor. An older term.
A government run by a woman or women.
Occurring more often in women.
A hunger for, or a strong desire for, women or female companionship as after a protracted deprivation or separation; such as, returning soldiers, sailors, male-prison inmates, etc.

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