gyno-, gyn-, gynaeco-, gyneco-, gyne-, -gynia, -gynic, gynec-, -gynist, -gynous, -gyny

(Greek: woman, women, female, females)

Many of the words from these Greek elements refer to botanic or other biological nomenclature.

Governments run by a woman or women.
gynarchy, gynarchic
1. Government by a woman or women.
2. In zoology, a form of social organization among insects; such as, ants, bees, and wasps, in which only the female parent takes part in establishing the colony.
Any female organism but, without qualification, it usually refers to a fertile female or queen in a colony of social insects.
Holding women as the center of thoughts or activities.
gynecic, genaecic
Pertaining to a female or associated with women.
The female part of a flower; also called the pistil.
Any agent that induces the development of or stimulates female body similarities or behavioral characteristics.
1. Stimulating the development of female characteristics.
2. Giving birth predominantly to females.
3. Obsolete term meaning productive of female characteristics.
Radiography of the female organs using air or other gas injected intraperitoneally as a contrast medium.
1. Resembling a woman in form and structure.
2. In biology, a worker ant that lays eggs.
3. In zoology, a reference to or designating an individual that functions as a fully developed female; although structurally incomplete, as an egg-laying worker ant.
Resembling a female or woman; womanlike, feminine.
One who worships women.
The worship of a woman or women.
Relating to gynecology.

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