algesi-, alge-, alges-, algesio-, algi-, algio-, -algesia, -algesic, -algetic, -algic, -algia, -algy

(Greek: pain, sense of pain; painful; hurting)

Used actively in medical terminology to denote a condition of sensitivity to pain as specified by the combining root.

Pain or neuralgia of the larynx (voice box or vocal cords).
Pain in the breast.
Pain in the breast or mammary gland, whether serious or not.

Mastalgia has many causes including injury, infection, and plugged milk ducts.

Pain in the mastoid region, shaped like a breast, a bony protuberance on the skull, found behind the ear in many vertebrates, including humans.
Opium withdrawal pains in an addict.
Very severe pain.
Pain in a limb or limbs; specifically, burning pain in the feet extending up the leg and even to the thigh.
Pain in the lower limbs.
Difficult and painful menstruation or pain which occurs during menstruation.
Pain in the thigh; specifically, meralgia paresthetica.
merocoxalgia (s) (noun), merocoxalgias (pl)
A painful condition of the thigh and hip.
Pain in the forefoot in the region of the heads of the metatarsals.
Pain along the course of one nerve.
muscular hyperalgesia
Pain induced by movement in fatigued muscles.
myalgia, myalgic
1. A morbid condition of a muscle, characterized by pain and tenderness; muscular rheumatism.
2. Muscular pain; also, myodynia, myoneuralgia, myosalgia.

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