therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist

(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])

Treatment with bile or bile salts.
biological therapy
Any form of treatment for abnormal behavior that alters the individual's physiological processes, including electric shock treatment, surgery, etc.
1. Treatment using biological agents, almost always those made by genetic engineering. Genetic engineering is central to modern biotherapy’s backbone: pharmaceutical biotechnology. Pharmaceutical biotechnology involves using microorganisms, macroscopic organisms, or hybrids of tumor cells and leukocytes.
2. Virtually all biotherapeutic agents in clinical use are biotech pharmaceuticals. A biotech pharmaceutical is simply any medically useful drug whose manufacture involves microorganisms or substances that living organisms produce (e.g., enzymes). Most biotech pharmaceuticals are recombinant‹that is, produced by genetic engineering. Insulin was among the earliest recombinant drugs.
3. In psychology, any form of treatment for abnormal behavior that alters the individual’s physiological processes; such as, electric shock treatment or surgery.
4. The treatment of disease with biologicals, that is, materials produced by living organisms.
Radiotherapy in which the source of irradiation is placed close to the surface of the body or within a body cavity; e.g., application of radium to the cervix.
In medicine, a form of radiotherapy in which the agent used is close to, on the surface of, or implanted in the body.
bromatherapy, bromatotherapy
Diet therapy.
An obsolete treatment of disease with a combination of drugs and serum.
One who specializes in the treatment of ailments with chemical substances.
chemotherapy, chemotherapeutics
1. The treatment of disease, especially of parasitic infections or cancer, by means of chemical substances which act selectively on micro-organisms or malignant tissue.
2. Treatment of disease by means of chemical substances or drugs; usually used in reference to neoplastic disease (a new and abnormal formation of tissue; such as, a tumor or other growth). Also known as, pharmacotherapy.
3. The treatment of a disease with chemicals or drugs; used especially in reference to the treatment of cancer with chemicals.
Treatment of disease with colored light.
chronotherapeutic (adjective) (not comparable)
1. A reference to the treatment of certain sleep disorders by capitalizing on the natural phase delay in adults: One kind of chronotherapeutic cure for a sleep disturbance is when bedtime is successively advanced by one to several hours each day until the individual can retire, sleep, and arise at appropriate times.

2. A descriptive term referring to the treatment of a sleep disorder, such as insomnia: A chronotherapeutic remedy of an irritating sleeping difficulty is by by changing a person's sleeping and waking times in an attempt to reset the patient's biological clock.
, 3. Referring to the administration of medication in coordination with the body's circadian rhythms (biological activities that occur during a 24-hour interval) to maximize effectiveness of treatment and to minimize any side effects: The chronotherapeutic spray for Jill's throat that Dr. Smart gave her proved to be very helpful and had absolutely no bad consequences for the following day.
chronotherapy, chronotherapeutics (s) (noun), chronotherapies (pl)
1. Treatments of diseases that work in harmony with the body's natural time rhythms: One cure regarding chronotherapy relates to drugs given to patients at the optimum time in their day cycle of the cell growth of the illness.
2. The coordination of biological rhythms (chronobiology) with medical treatment: Chronotherapy includes a person's biological rhythms in determining the timing and sometimes the amount of medication in order to optimize a drug's desired effects and to minimize the undesired ones.
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