therap-, -therapeutic[s], -therapeutically, -therapy, -therapies, -therapist

(Greek: heal, cure; treatment; service done to the sick, [a waiting on])

thalassotherapy (s) (noun), thalassotherapies (pl)
The treatment of an illness with sea water: Dr. Smith told Joan that a thalassotherapy would help her ailment by bathing in a hot tub of seawater or by applying a sea product, such as seaweed, onto their bodies.

Some people think that an ocean cruise can provide them with thalassotherapies when they use the therapeutic pools of water on board.

theotherapy (s) (noun); theotherapies (pl)
The treatment of an illness with prayer or religious exercises.
therapeutic, therapeusis, therapeutical
Pertaining to therapeutics, or to the art of healing; curative.
1. The science and art of healing.
2. A scientific account of the treatment of disease.
Another name for a therapist.
A person skilled in the treatment of disease; often combined with a term indicating the specific type of disorder treated or a particular type of treatment rendered.
A medical nonbeliever.
1. Treatment of physical, mental, or behavioral problems that is meant to cure or rehabilitate someone.
2. The treatment of disease, illness, or some other physical disorder; therapeutics.
1. Treatment of the diseases of lower animals.
2. Animal therapeutics as practiced by veterinarians.
Treatment of the diseases of lower animals; usually by a veterinarian.
thermaerotherapy (s) (noun), thermaerotherapies (pl)
Medical treatment with the application of hot air: Dr. Good told Jean that a thermaerotherapy, or the therapeutic use of hot air, would be excellent for curing her ailment.
1. A therapeutic treatment which applies ionizing radiation (making particles that are electrically charged, positive or negative) to any part of the body in which the temperature has been raised by artificial means.

Thermoradiography is done in an attempt to increase the radiosensitivity (sensitivity, as of the skin, tumor tissue, etc., to radiant energy; such as, x-rays or other radiations) of the body part being treated.

2. A method of treatment that combines the use of ionizing radiation and heat.

It is based on the hypothesis that heat increases the radiosensitivity of tissues.

thermotherapy, thermotherapeutics
1. The branch of therapeutics concerned with the application of heat.
2. The medical treatment of an illness with the application of heat. Heat may be applied locally by radiant heating devices that give off infrared rays and by conductive heating that uses hot water bottles, paraffin baths, or moist hot packs.
The treatment of disease by a preparation of the thyroid glands of sheep.
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