mania-, -mania, -maniac, -maniacal, -manic, -manically, -maniacally

(Greek: a specific mental disorder or obsessive preoccupation with something; madness, frenzy; obsession, or abnormal desire for or with something or someone; also, an excessive enthusiasm or fondness for something that is not safe or advantageous)

polemomania (s) (noun), polemomanias (pl)
A compulsion or extreme desire for war: There are some people who have a polemomania for attacking the country that is presenting a threat to others with its nuclear developments.
A morbid or excessive interest in politics.
polyembolokoilamania (s) (noun), polyembolokoilamanias (pl)
A reference to children with Smith-Magenis syndrome, who have the bad habit of inserting foreign bodies into body orifices; usually into the ears.
A mania affecting several mental faculties; the opposite of monomania.
ponomania (s) (noun), ponomanias (pl)
An abnormal enthusiasm of work to an excess: Sam evidently had morbid impulse to be constantly working on the farm and said that he didn't have time to join the others for a beer in the evenings.
ponomaniac (s) (noun), ponomaniacs (pl)
Someone who has an abnormal "love" to work excessively: Linda had a strong desire to keep working beyond what her friends considered "normal", and they termed her as being a ponomaniac..
1. An irresistible impulse to wander or journey away from one’s home.
2. An unmotivated, aimless desire to wander.
3. A pathological compulsion to journey from one place to another, whether consciously or without recall of the event.
A compulsion to drink; especially, alcoholic liquids.
The craze for imitating Japanese or other porcelain by covering the inner surface of glass vessels, etc., with designs on paper or sheet gelatin; the process of doing this.
1. A morbid craving for intoxicating drinks.
2. An intense and persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess.
Someone who has an intense and persistent desire to drink alcoholic beverages to excess.
pototromania or pototromomania
Delirium tremens (acute hallucinatory delirium, marked memory impairment, disorientation, and a course, generalized tremor).
An insane tendency to make false statements.
pseudomaniac (s) (), pseudomaniacs (pl)
Someone who accuses himself or herself of having committed crimes of which he or she is really innocent.
A mania or excessive enthusiasm for ferns.

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