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nostomania (s) (noun) (uncountable)
1. An exaggerated form of longing and reminiscence: Jane had been depressed and discontent for a long time and the doctor finally found out that she had a case of nostomania, being wistful and yearning for something she couldn't quite explain.
2. An intense homesickness or an irresistible urge to return home: Tom had been away at boarding school for only 3 months when he had a ver strong longing to visit his parents in his village and because of this condition of nostomania he booked his flight the very next day!
3. An overwhelming desire to go back to familiar places: Lynn always wanted to show her children where she came from, and after a spell of nostomania, they all traveled to California to visit all the wonderful sites, regions, and localities where she had been as a child and teenager.
A compulsion to return to one's home.
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