aesth-, esth-, aesthe-, esthe-, aesthesio-, esthesio-, aesthesia-, -esthesia, -aesthetic, -esthetic, -aesthetical, -esthetical, -aesthetically, -esthetically

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception)

osmesthesia (s) (noun), osmesthesias (pl)
Olfactory sensibility; the power of perceiving and distinguishing odors: Lawrence had a finely developed sense of osmesthesia which was invaluable in his profession as a producer of perfumes.
osmoesthesia (s) (noun), osmoesthesias (pl)
1. A sensitivity to odors: Sometimes Hilda’s osmosthesia was a handicap with her volunteer work in the animal hospital.
2. The sense of smell; the ability to perceive and distinguish odors: When Sharon experiences her spring allergies, it affects her osmosthesia and she is unable to appreciate the spring flowers.
osteoanesthesia, osteoanaesthesia (s) (noun); osteoanesthesias; osteoanaesthesias (pl)
The lack of sensitivity in the bones: As a result of the break in her arm, Laura experienced osteoanesthesia of the bones in her hands.
oxyesthesia, oxyaesthesia (s) (noun); oxyesthesias; oxyaesthesias (pl)
An abnormal acuteness, or sharpness, of the senses or sensations; hyperesthesia: After the operation to restore her hearing, Molly experienced oxyesthesia or an extreme sensitiveness to voice and other sounds.
palinesthesia, palinaesthesia (s) (noun); palinesthesias; palinaesthesias (pl)
The return of a patient's normal consciousness and awareness: After the surgery, the surgeon waited until Mrs. Jones recovered from the anesthesia and had palinesthesia so he could to speak directly with her.
pallanesthesia (s) (noun), pallanesthesias (pl)
The loss of the sense of vibrations: Because of the nerve damage in her foot, Margaret experienced pallanesthesia in her left foot when Dr. Jones applied a vibrating tuning fork to her ankle.
pallanesthesia (s) (noun), pallanesthesias (pl)
The loss or damage that results in a reduction of strength or quality of the sense of vibration, such as the inability to perceive the vibrations of a tuning fork: As a result of the pallanesthesia of her patient, Dr. Gordon prescribed that Christine have a more extensive bone density test.
pallesthesia, palmesthesia (s) (noun); pallesthesias; palmesthesias (pl)
Sensibility to vibrations or the peculiar vibrating sensation felt when a quivering tuning fork is placed against a subcutaneous bony prominence of the body: Dr. Hall, the old-fashioned country doctor, referred to Heather's condition as bone sensibility, but his newly trained assistant, Ms. Black, suggested the term pallesthesia as the more correct medical term.
pallesthetic (adjective), more pallesthetic, most pallesthetic
A reference to the sensitivity of vibrations: Jeanette's palmesthetic response to the vibrations made her an ideal candidate for the neural research the hospital was planning.
pallesthetic (adjective), more pallesthetic, most pallesthetic
1. Characterized by sensibility to vibrations: Doug quite accurately identified the pallesthetic resonances he felt that were coming from a quivering tuning fork.
2. Referring to the peculiar vibrating sensation felt when a oscillating tuning fork is placed against a subcutaneous bony prominence of the body: Nina reported the pallesthetic sense of tremors to Dr. Jackson. He said that the ability to sense these tremors could be interpreted as an indication of progress in her physiotherapy program.
pallhypoesthesia (s) (noun), pallhypoesthesias (pl)
A diminished sensibility to vibrations: Jason's pallhypoesthesia appeared to be related to nerve damage as the result of a severe fall and injury.
pallyhyperesthesia (s) (noun), pallyhyperesthesias (pl)
An abnormal increase of sensibilities to vibrations: Freddie experienced pallyhyperesthesia especially in his hearing which often resulted in painful auditory experiences.
palmesthesia (s) (noun), palmesthesias (pl)
The sensitivity or ability to easily feel vibrations: Because of her palmesthesia, Nancy was readily able to feel the quivering in her finger tips.
panesthesia, panaesthesia (s) (noun); panesthesias; panaesthesias (pl)
The total of sensations or perceptions of an individual at a given moment: A panesthesia includes all of the physical sensations that anyone can experience at a certain time.
panesthetic, panaesthetic (adjective); more panesthetic, most panesthetic; more panaesthetic, most panaesthetic
A reference to all of the sensations experienced by a person at any particular time: As an exercise, Susan decided to keep a journal of the panesthetic experiences which she had during one day.

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