aesth-, esth-, aesthe-, esthe-, aesthesio-, esthesio-, aesthesia-, -esthesia, -aesthetic, -esthetic, -aesthetical, -esthetical, -aesthetically, -esthetically

(Greek: feeling, sensation, perception)

kinesi-esthesiometer, kinesiesthesiometer (noun); kinesi-esthesiometers; kinesiesthesiometers (pl)
An instrument for testing joint sensations, such as of the arms, hands, feet, and legs: Greg, the physiotherapist, used the kinesiesthesiometer to help him plan a therapy program for his client.
kinesthesia, kinaesthesia (s) (noun); kinesthesias; kinaesthesias (pl)
1. The normal sensation or perception of movements of the body or its parts: After Ingrid's broken arm healed, she was happy when her physician, Dr. Black, told her that she would have her kinesthesia back again.
2. An illusion of moving in space: While sleeping, Hayden often dreamed that he was experiencing kinesthesias as if he were an astronaut beyond the earth.
kinesthesis, kineaesthesis (s) (noun) (no pl)
The sensations of bodily positions, weight, muscle tensions, and movements that are perceived: As she was floating in the swimming pool, Nancy had a strong sense of kinesthesis because she was aware that the various parts of her body were moving while she was in the water.
kinesthetic (adjective), more kinesthetic, most kinesthetic
A reference to the sense perceptions of movements: Maude's kinesthetic responses appeared to be very normal as indicated by the muscular stimulations she was receiving from Dr. Sneed.
kinesthetic hallucination (s) (noun), kinesthetic hallucinations (pl)
False sensations of body movements, as with an amputated-phantom limb: Fred was sure that he was feeling his amputated right arm moving very often, however Dr. Fisher explained that he was actually experiencing kinesthetic hallucinations.
kinesthetic sense (s) (noun), kinesthetic senses (pl)
The sensation of the movements of muscles that are felt while they are contracting: While using the specialized gym equipment, Lawrence experienced the kinesthetic senses of his muscles stretching and contracting.
local or regional anaesthesia, anesthesia (s) (noun phrase); local or regional anaesthesias; anesthesias (pl)
Medication, administered locally or regionally, which is used to eliminate pain in specific parts of the body, such as the area in which surgery is taking place: In local anesthesia, an agent is injected into the actual surgical site, while in regional anesthesia, the anesthetic agent is injected at a distance from the surgical site near the nerve that supplies that particular area.

The surgeon used a regional anesthesia when operating on Mike's foot, dulling the pain from his ankle and down to his toes.

macroaesthesia, macroesthesia (noun); macroaesthesias; macroesthesias (pl)
A psychological perception that all objects are larger than their actual size: A child often experiences macroaesthesia, for example, when sitting on the floor and looking up at a parent. The father or mother may seem to be a giant and therefore much larger than he or she really is.
macroesthetic (adjective), more macroesthetic, most macroesthetic
Relating to a physical defect of tactile (touch) perception in which objects that are felt or handled appear to be much larger than they actually are: Quite often Janine's sister would pick up small things, such as the salt shaker and complain that it was too big for her to use. This was related to her macroesthetic awareness of size.
megalaesthete, megalesthete (s) (noun); megalesthetes; megalaesthetes (pl)
A giant sensory-nerve ending in Mollusca, such as oysters, snails, squids, and octopi and thought to be photosensitive: Dr. Marshland was conducting comparative studies of the megalaesthetes of both deep sea and tidal pond dwellers.
metallesthesia (s) (noun), metallesthesias (pl)
The recognition of metals through the sense of touch: Merleā€™s finger tips were so sensitive that she was prized at the jewelry store for her metallesthesia because she was able to identify by touch different precious metals including sterling silver.
metesthesiologist (s) (noun), metesthesiologists (pl)
A physician who is certified and legally qualified both to produce a loss of sensations of pain during surgery and to engage in related medical treatment outside the operating room: Dr. Hansen is a qualified metesthesiologist who is certified to administer various forms of anesthesia in post surgical stages in order to provide related medical treatment to patients, such as pain management.

The term metesthesiologist is used primarily to identify an anesthesiologist who extends his medical profession to include not only the application of anesthetics for surgical patients, but who has expanded such treatments beyond the operating room into resuscitations, that is restorations back to life or consciousness of someone who is apparently dead, in critical care, and the management of acute and chronic pains that persist or progress over a long period of time and are often resistant to other medical treatments.

metesthesiology (s) (noun), metesthesiologies (pl)
An alternative term for anesthesiology referring to the medical practice of the administration of medication to a patient for the suppression or relief of pain: The administration of anesthetics has evolved into medical treatments beyond the operating room, known as metesthesiology, including the management of acute and chronic pains and the care of critically ill patients, as well as women in child labor.

Marge had terrible back pains and her physician used the medical process of metesthesiology as a treatment to relieve her of such suffering.

microaesthete (s) (noun), micraesthetes (pl)
Sensory-nerve endings in Mollusca, such as squid, cuttlefish, and octopi that are thought to be tactile (for touching): Molluscas have a varied range of body structures, but biologists know that they have micraesthetes which they use for sensing their environmental contacts.
monesthetic (adjective) (not comparable)
Relating to, pertaining to, or affecting one sense or sensation: Eating onions has a monesthetic effect on Sheila's taste buds and, as a result, she can't taste other foods when she is eating.

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