psych-, psycho-, -psyche, -psychic, -psychical, -psychically

(Greek: mind, spirit, consciousness; mental processes; the human soul; breath of life; literally, "that which breathes" or "breathing")

A prefix that is normally used with elements of Greek origin, psych- affects the meanings of hundreds of words.

Etymologically, this element includes such meanings as, breath, to breathe, life, soul, spirit, mind, consciousness.

1. The origin and development of the mind; the formation of mental traits.
2. Origin within the mind or psyche.
1. Originating in the mind, as a disease.
2. Concernng the formation of mental traits.
psychogenic (adjective)
1. Originating from psychological mechanisms and not from an organic disease or disorder: "Phobias are considered to be psychogenic in origin."
2. Concerning the development of the mind: "Although psychogenic minds are usually not a result of a bodily disease; senile psychosis is regarded as organic."
A psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of emotional problems and mental disorders of the elderly.
1. Pertaining to mental illness or disturbance in old people.
2. The branch of medicine concerned with the psychology and psychiatric disorders experienced by senior citizens.
3. Concerning elderly patients who have a psychiatric disorder.
4. A reference to mental illness in old age, commonly denoting a patient or a hospital.
5. The branch of psychiatry concerned with changes in mental functioning associated with old age; and with mental disorders occurring in people over the age of sixty-five.
psychogeusic (sigh" koh GYOO sik)
1. A reference to the perception and interpretation of taste.
2. Relating to some mental perception of taste.
Any penetrating study of the psyche, especially as concerned with each individual character.
Acting as a stimulant to the emotions.
A chart depicting personality characteristics.
1. A chart that lists personality traits.
2. A history of the personality of an individual.

Inter-related cross references, directly or indirectly, involving the "mind, mental" word units: anima-; anxi-; deliri-; hallucina-; menti-; moro-; noo-; nous; phreno-; thymo-2.

Word units related to breath and breathe: hal-; pneo-; pneumato-; pneumo-; spiro.