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acoustician (s) (noun), acousticians (pl)
An expert who knows how to deal with the properties of sound: One occupation of an acoustician is someone who fits hard-of-hearing people with hearing aids.

After her university training, Alice was able to get a job working for a hearing aid company, working as an acoustician who was developing more efficient hearing devices.

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psycho-acoustician, psychoacoustician (s) (noun); psycho-acousticians; psychoacousticians (pl)
An expert or specialist in the prognosis and treatment of mentally processed sounds that are imaginary: Nancy was admitted to the psychiatric ward of the hospital under the care of the psycho-acoustician who was familiar with patients with imaginary perceptions of sounds.

According to a psychoacoustician, most people perceive airplane noise as if it were 10 dB greater than a similar noise that is made by a train, or ten times noisier than a train even when the noise levels of both are objectively the same.